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Golden Bros AMA Full Script for Public

Dear CUBERs,

We had an amazing AMA session at Golden Bros Discord channel!
We received really good & important questions about the Presale and the overall gameplay. Check below to read through all the information and Q&As!

Hello, the Founding Bros

Netmarble welcomes you to the first AMA session!

Thank you for joining me today

We are excited to share some information to clarify important factors of the game.

How does P2E mechanism, total presale amount, and your expected return on investment sound? This should cover a lot of your common questions

Also, don’t worry! We have a live Q&A session at the end for any unanswered questions

So, lets begin

There are mainly 2 different topics I would like to talk about

(1) Why so many NFTs minted before game launch?

(2) How did we decide on the price ($299) of each Mystery Box

I know, these have been really important questions to answer

Lets go the first question

(1) Why so many NFTs minted before game launch?

We have initially designed to release 300,000 NFTs available for purchase

BECAUSE this is all that will ever be available in Golden Bros

We call it presale, but it is the LAST sale to be frank

Unlike other projects that will endlessly stamp out NFTs and sell them throughout the entire lifecycle of the game, what we sell during presale is EVERYTHING, no more / no less.

This was rather a very easy decision for us to make. Netmarble has extensive experience in operating games. And yes, many believe P2E games are SO different that anyone outside the gang does not know how to approach the market. But! Keeping the RARITY of game items and finding the appropriate balance between price and game play have been the core of all game operations. And as the 8th largest mobile game publisher in the world, this is our Expertise

Of course, we have taken all P2E reference and ran countless simulations to provide the best experience to you. We will STRICTLY LIMIT the number of NFTs that will ever be available in the market.

This yielded drastically more sustainable results than other GameFi projects that decided to sell NFTs even after game launch. This is not our plan at all.

There will be NO MORE NFTs minted unless necessary & with community consent through Governance

So, it is the market and you that decide if the current supply is appropriate.

No other games has come this close to a truly Player-Owned economy

So, think of it this way if this is rather hard to understand

What we are selling with the 300K NFTs are you exclusive right to decide on the direction and future economy of Golden Bros.

Let me stress this one last time.

We are no ordinary game studio. We are one of the biggest and most successful in the world

When we have decided to join the crypto community, we are HERE TO STAY and grow the ecosystem together with you.

We have seen incredible potential in P2E and we believe this will soon become the norm very soon.

As Golden Bros is our foremost project, our priority is to preserve the value of NFTs, which is the ONLY way to ensure long-term success from our analysis.

Hope I have made myself clear!!!

Lets move on to the next question Bros!

(2) How did we decide on the price of each Mystery Box? ($299)

Oh yes, this is the juicy part that includes all information about our P2E mechanism

To answer this, we need to dive deeper into the Earning mechanism we have created to provide a sustainable revenue for our player while they enjoy Golden Bros

PLUS, how they would make the most out of the ONE MONTH EARLY ACCESS period to maximize their return!

Golden Bros is “Free to Play” & “Play to Earn”

This means that anyone can download the game and play freely.

However, the story is a bit different if you want to Play and EARN

You would need an NFT costume equipped to your character to engage in cryptobattles!

Think of your NFT costume as your TOKEN MINING GEAR!

So, what happens when you engage in cryptobattles?

You will earn GBC token from each battle, depending on your

Win/Loss Status, Costume Grade, & League Tier

When you WIN, you will earn { League Tier x Costume Grade } amount of GBC tokens

For example, say you have a LUXURY [R] costume equipped and you are in Tier 1

Then, when you win a battle, you will earn 2x3 = 6 GBC tokens!

On the other hand, when you LOSE, you will earn a flat 1 GBC token

YES we know, some users are interested in just earning more just because they have invested more than others

In that case, what fun would there be to play the game?

So, for the NFT costumes we are selling during presale, WIN BONUS is different based on grades

  • Premium [ SR & SSR ] will have x4.33 win bonus
  • Luxury [ R ] will have x3.00 win bonus

Also, there is MAX Daily Battle Count

Each NFT costume can only engage in 10 times a day.

This is to limit users from infinitely mining tokens, breaking the entire ecosystem and abusing our token economy

Of course, you can continue playing normal games, or switch to a new NFT costume play another 10 times.

Lastly, there is Costume Durability

Each costume has limited durability that will decrease after each battle.

But, don’t fret, you can always recharge it with tokens!

This will create a continuous cycle of Earning GBC & Reinvesting GBC

for a greater yield for player who find our game enjoyable and genuinely fun

If you ever run out of recharge, don’t fret as well

Because we will have a separate utility for those costumes since they are clear evidence that those users have been super committed to our game!

As we promised from the start, we care more about our users staying and enjoying the game longer.

Our loyal users will have greater opportunities in and out of Golden Bros.

After all, this is not the last game we will release. But it is definitely the most important and effort-heavy one!

There is no way we will risk our credibility under the big name for short-term revenue

With this said, I hope we are all aligned on the utility and features of NFT Costumes

So, what are the benefits that come with the presale Mystery Boxes?

Let alone the fact that you can earn eGBP (Early Access exclusive points), the biggest benefit is INFINITE Durability during Early Access — 1 month

There will be NO loss in durability during Early Access

This means no consumption of tokens to recharge your costume, but instead you can keep on mining in every battle.

You will receive eGBP for one month, which will be swapped to GBC at Grand Launch to amplify your return

With this said, we have specifically designed the boxes so that all grades (Luxury and Premium) can earn beyond threshold well within the Early Access period

Of course, Premium [SR] with x4.33 win bonus will earn more than Luxury [R] x3.00 win bonus

But, there is NO Difference in the fact that our operations & management team has ran all possible simulations so that all costumes will win their investment back before Grand Launch when Golden Bros is open to the public

$299 price point was not set to only benefit users who have luckily got their hands on the Premium costume

$299 price point is to benefit more than enough for ANY costume you receive from the Mystery Box

But don’t get me wrong, if you are a skillful player and have a higher win rate

YOU will most definitely earn more than others because you are a better player

I mean, to be honest, games are to be fun and PvPs are designed to challenge the players so that everyone wants to play more & get better at it

Lastly, if you have managed to get multiple NFT costumes, your return in the same amount of time will be drastically different.

For example, if you won 3 different costumes, you will be able to engage in 10x3 = 30 cryptobattles every 24 hours, TRIPLING your return every day

To summarize,

We have designed the boxes so that all costumes are expected to earn beyond $299. This is our criteria.

Especially with Infinite Durability during Early Access, play as much as you want within the MAX daily battle count, while you don’t need to recharge at all.

Well Bros! This is it from my side


StepStyle — You said 1monty grind in early access then when open? Then grand launch is on April


Early Access will open LATE MARCH — EARLY APRIL

It will last for ONE MONTH before Grand Launch


J|AJ — If 300000NFT not sold out, what will you do, burn it or not


We will BURN it because that is the right thing to do


Hames — Why do you have to saturate the market with NFT sales in one go? can’t you do it gradually? and observe first the demand?


We are not exactly trying to sell all 300K out. We will check the demand during Binance NFT presale, and if we believe that is enough to do a beta test with the lucky ones, we will stop there!


Noao — Okay so there is no plan to stamp out unsold coins at all? What if the total supply turns out to be excessive that we cant really defend the depreciation of the token value?

I think this is what most people are worried about


NFT costumes are the only way a player can earn tokens.

So, by controlling the amount issued, we control the amount of tokens mined. And even Netmarble does not have the authority to do this.

It is YOU who have the NFT costume to participate in Governance and make the decision together with us


Lance — Any info on mechanics of adding durability? How many and what tokens. Thank you


This information will release before Early Access! So, don’t worry

If you guys would like to learn more about this earlier, let me know with some!!


ST.VănLầyYT — Are the basic stats of R , SR and SSR different , only the x3 and x4.33 bonus items are different


SSR & SR — x4.33 win bonus R — x3.00 win bonus

But, what is more important is that you need to try to win the game! To do so, you need to engage in the battles, grow your Bros, and learn how to make your own way to victory


kingofreddit13 — To have fixed cap of NFTs is good idea but selling ALL OF THEM before game is too good for team to secure money even before game proof its successful if team want to continue future sale then give us access to test game from now so we know what we are buying is worth it, disable earning and only let us test the free to play game to test — Also, DO NOT GIVE token to people losing … this can drain the economy and bots/multi account will love this big time, be careful!


Ahhh YES this runs in parallel with the question I just answered!

300K NFTs are all that will ever be available in the market. We have opened to do sales for them all, but we are most definitely considering to make adjustments to the sale schedule based on your opinions and reactions. We will share our plans again as we go on with the Binance NFT sale!

About giving tokens to losing, there should be the least reward for anyone who participate in battles. We have identified them as valuable players and specifically allocated the amount for losers as well without harming the ecosystem. It is definitely something we have took into account when creating our tokenomics architecture


StepStyle — Is there a scholarship programs?

-so meaning every account only 30times to play every 24hours? Limit 3 costumes per account?

-you said MAX daily battle count 3costume maximum per account?


- Scholarship?! Oh yes, we are already talking to big guilds and we are not only trying to build a scholarship program, but also guild member rewards as well.

- There is no limit to the costumes you can have in your account. But, you cannot have the exact same costume in the game at the same time

- MAX daily battle count is 10 for each costume. (so, 3 costumes -> 30 MAX, 5 costumes -> 50 max)


gary0928 — Why victory bonus are same 4.33 between SR and SSR?


SSR comes in 2 parts: (1) Premium costume (x4.33 win bonus) (2) Exclusive collection card Both are, of course, NFTs and Exclusive collection card will NEVER be available again. As mentioned earlier, SSR is the best item you can get from the Mystery Box. It doesn’t change the fact that we are basically selling Early Access pass in $299 for all costumes that are available. If you managed to get more costumes or a higher grade costume, that is great and you will have a chance to earn more eGBP. Yet, we still want no one who purchases the box feels left out or undervalued.




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