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Golden Bros Grand Launching on July 28


We return bearing the news you’ve all been waiting for: The global Grand Launch of Golden Bros!

Golden Bros Grand Launching on July 28

We are very pleased to introduce the completed version of the Golden Bros economy, based on 3 months of data retrieved from the Early Access period.

The Grand Launch will be held after the update scheduled on July 28th.

Before we kick off this new phase of Golden Bros, we would like to help you gain an understanding of the new economic structure by looking at the update highlights of the Grand Launch.

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Grand Launch

The app will be fully open to users starting July 28, and global accessibility will be available with support in English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, French, and German.

Restricted countries: South Korea, China, Vietnam.

The increased participation of users around the world will be linked with the increase in demand for tokens, and this will serve as the basis for higher GBC value formation.

In addition, in accordance with the distribution platform policy, the Golden Bros Blockchain function will only work on the CUBE launcher. Marketing, such as platform-side feature provision, is expected to help increase potential demands in the future.

New Mining Bonuses

  • Upon Grand Launch, maintaining a higher tier will allow for more mining of GBC. This setting will become a means of suppressing intentional defeats, activity of bots, and abusive creation of accounts.

In order to provide a clean and fair battle environment, we plan to continuously provide further improvements in the future.

Collection Cards

  • Collection Cards consist of three grades, and the victory bonus multiplier allocation is applied from a minimum of x2.74 to a maximum of x16.9.

The starting point for acquiring a Collection Card starts with the burning of an N grade costume, and if you have a higher grade (R/SR) costume, you will be given an opportunity to obtain a mining multiplier of up to 16.9 times.

Relation Between Withdrawal Limits and Value Maintenance

  • Red Gadget minimum holding conditions and maximum withdrawal amounts

All users must have at least 300 Red Gadgets in their account to be able to withdraw, and depending on the withdrawal level, users can withdraw up to 300 within a 48 hour timeframe.

These limiting factors will act as a policy to prevent market oversupply, and to provide all users with a long-term and stable profit.

  • The relationship between Collection Cards and withdrawal levels

The withdrawal level is determined by the rank of Collection Card(s) owned, and is linked with the basis for acquiring more GBC tokens.

Additionally, as the source of the Collection Card is linked to the Costume NFT, a limited quantity of Costume NFT will guarantee the value of the card NFT holder.

Moreover, all updates are in measure to increase the value of Early Access participants and pre-sale NFT buyers. For further updates regarding provision of “stable services,” “fair battle,” and “continuous supply and demand formation,” please check the whitepaper below.

👉 View the Golden Bros Gitbook

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