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How to earn GBC tokens from playing Golden Bros

Step-by-step guide to P2E mechanism

Hello CUBERs,

🔥3/2 NFT presale at Binance NFT🔥 is only a week away! It seemed like a great time for us to let you know about the presale schedule, benefits, and how you will use the purchased NFTs to earn GBC!

We believe it is our job to share information as clearly and transparently as possible, so you understand what you are getting out of these sales. Please read through this article carefully to learn about everything you need to know to start your journey off as one of the Founding Bros.

The basic P2E mechanism is simple:

  1. Purchase NFT costume from PRESALE
  2. Equip NFT costume to your Bros during Early Access
  3. Participate in 3v3 cryptobattles!
  4. Earn eGBP (Early Access Exclusive Points) from every battle
  5. Swap eGBP to GBC (Golden Bros Token) at Grand Launch

👉 Purchase NFT costume from PRESALE

There will be a total of 5 Rounds of Presale

Join one of the sales to get NFT costume that you can equip to your Bros. There are three different Costume Grades: Premium, Luxury, and Classic. Your earnings from each battle will be different depending on the Costume Grade.

NFT Marketplace will open on March 24 after all sale ends. To list and trade NFT costumes, you will use $ITAMCUBE as main currency.

Key takeaways:

📌 Earlier sale rounds have higher discount rate (total of 5 rounds)

📌 First round will take place on March 2 at Binance NFT

📌 Next 4 rounds will take place from March 15 at ITAMCUBE platform

📌 You will need $ITAMCUBE to trade Golden Bros NFT at secondary market

👉 Participate in Early Access

NFT costume is your pass to Early Access.

They are necessary to engage in 3v3 cryptobattles. When Early Access releases late March-Early April, please send your NFT costume into the game via ITAMCUBE platform. You will receive it in your in-game inbox and will be able to use right away!

Be the first to earn eGBP from every battle

After equipping the NFT costume to your Bros, players will be rewarded with eGBP (Early Access Exclusive Points) for every single battle they join. This point will only be given out during Early Access.

How much will I earn?

After each battle, you will receive a specific amount of eGBP. It mainly depends on 3 factors: Win/Loss status, Costume Grade, League Tier

  • When you LOSE the battle, you will receive only 1 eGBP.
  • When you WIN the battle, you will receive X amount of eGBP, depending on your Costume Grade and League Tier.

(ex) If you are wearing Premium costume, which has a win bonus multiplier of x4.33, and are in Tier 3, you will receive 12.99 eGBP when you win the battle.

Check the table below for the win bonus multiplier for each costume grade:

👉 Swap your eGBP to GBC at Grand Launch

Receive GBC based on your eGBP balance

At Grand Launch, only players with eGBP will be able to receive GBC (Golden Bros token) according to the amount of eGBP they have earned during Early Access. In other words, only Early Access participants will have this chance to get their first hands on GBC, Netmarble’s first P2E token to be revealed.

Golden Bros is under the big name, Netmarble, which is the 8th largest game publisher in the world. The company has already published countless games that you may have played before such as Marvel Future Fight, BTS World (Yes, this is the BTS you know), Seven Knights, and The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

GBC token, being its officially issued token, is ready to tackle the crypto scene with a lucrative economy that has never been introduced yet.

eGBP-to-GBC ratio will be updated weekly

It is our first priority that presale participants find a good return on their investments. We have specifically designed the ratio to bring you an enormous chance to translate the most value out of the eGBP you have earned. The value of eGBP will be amplified as you swap it to GBC at the point of Grand Launch.

The entire mechanism is to create a stable ecosystem for the players in order for them to worry less about the token volatility, but instead enjoy the true essence of gaming while adding more value to real life with sustainable financial rewards.

‼️ GBC needs to be swapped to $ITAMCUBE in order to be cashed out. $ITAMCUBE is the parent token of GBC and every token & NFT transactions will utilize $ITAMCUBE as intermediary currency.

Learn more about it here: “How will ITAMCUBE be used in Golden Bros Ecosystem?”

Hope this article has cleared out some of the question marks you may have had so far. Golden Bros is designed to entertain you & reward you. To really capture the core of these 2 main points, we have ran countless simulations to create the most resilient structure that will be less affected by a macro trend of the market, but more on player engagement and user base.

Happy Presale and Hope to see you in the game!

Thank you,




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