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How will ITAMCUBE be used in Golden Bros ecosystem?

Hello Cubers,

We have some important information to share with you.

Many of our fellow Cubers have been curious about the role of ITAM CUBE in Golden Bros ecosystem. We have devoted last month to complete a solid guideline to our token usage. It has specifically been designed to give back to the community.

$ITAMCUBE will serve as the main trading currency for both token & NFT.

$ITAMCUBE <> GBC Token Utility

(1) 0.5% Fee for swapping GBC <> ITAMCUBE tokens

🌞 GBC MUST be swapped to ITAMCUBE to be cashed out.

This is a clear separation between each token’s role: GBC as a game token & ITAMCUBE as a governance/utility token.

🌞 All 0.5% Fee will go to holders who stake liquidity

We understand the value of sufficient liquidity. It allows trading to be easier and smoother, which is essential for a seamless user experience in token trading. We will use the entire token trading fee to reward the users who add liquidity to ITAMCUBE/GBC pool.

With this system implemented, holders will have greater motivation and financial reward for participating in supporting the ecosystem.

(2) 7% Fee for trading at NFT Marketplace

🌞 Golden Bros will use ITAM CUBE’s NFT Marketplace.

All NFTs issued need to be transferred to ITAMCUBE platform in order to send and withdraw from the game. You can also list your NFTs to our open marketplace and trade among other users freely.

🌞 5% will be returned to the ecosystem and reward pool

Out of the 7%, 5% will be invested back to the ecosystem and the community for a sustainable and lucrative economy & 2% will go to the team behind Golden Bros.

  • 2% will be used as Reward for liquidity providers
  • 3% will be returned back to the users as Ranking Reward
  • 1% will go to the game studio
  • 1% will go to the ITAM CUBE team

Not only ITAM CUBE’s platform (NFT marketplace, DeFi, and Bridge service) essential to the Golden Bros ecosystem, but also $ITAMCUBE token is required to participate in any crypto-related activities from token to NFT trading.

This structure will remain the same for any future games that will collaborate with ITAM CUBE. By doing so, we can properly support the games, while providing extensive utility for our holders.

The key to a healthy community is transparency.

We are excited to share this new system with you and hope you are happy with what we have came up with to support a sustainable economy.

If you have any questions, please join our official channels and find our admins:

On a side note, we will be opening some slots for volunteers to participate as Golden Bros ambassadors.

Volunteers will receive Golden Bros NFTs as reward 😎

We sincerely appreciate the volunteer activity in relaying the message and helping the community learn more about the game and the token. Volunteers add incredible value to the community, which we would like to properly repay. Anyone can apply for the spot!

Keep a close eye on more announcement scheduled for tomorrow!

Thank you and please stay safe,




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