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Important Notice

Today, we had an unanticipated disclosure from the Korean exchange Upbit surprising all of us. In response to the disclosure, our team has decided to post this official note to protect ITAM holders from the confusion caused by the exchange disclosure.

To all ITAM holders

This is our official note to help you understand the recent activities and projects we have accomplished and are currently engaged with.

1) ITAM has successfully expanded its business in BSC Defi platforms partnering with Cafeswap, Pancake, Alpacca and Lunchzone (plus Vault in Autofarm)
2) ITAM has made ifself compatible in BSC, ETH & Polygon with its unique bridge block chain technology.
3) ITAM has completed rebranding itself to expand its business in NFT industry not limiting the business in the gaming area
4) ITAM is imminent in launching the “” to support its NFT transactions in BSC

Aforementioned projects were our main achievements during the first half and below are some of our planned projects set for the rest of the year

1) Partnering with oveseas BSC NFT projects
2) Issue various NFT related merchants through authentic partnership
3) Provide NFT auctions and futher develop for more exciting transactions with more value for participants
4) Expand NFT DEFI with more pre-sales
5) Enhance NFT curation with re-categorization

ITAM’s main focus has always been creating more value and transactions for the ITAM holders by providing and expanding our presence in the block chain industry, with our strength in Defi and NFT.
Please look forward to hearing from us with more updates on the upbit exchange disclosure disclosed today. We’ll get back to you as soon as the issue has been resolved with the exchange.



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