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Introducing BlueDawn, the In-House Game by ITAM Games

Written by Eon Ha, Community & Content Manager at ITAM Games


BlueDawn is a mobile blockchain game that’s being developed by ITAM Games, and is a RPG with diverse characters and dynamic actions. With the release of BlueDawn’s second trailer, there have been high interest regarding the in-house game being developed by ITAM Games. If you have not yet viewed the new trailer, you can check it out below!

The team at ITAM Games in charge of creating BlueDawn is hard at work, trying to bring the game to the users as fast as they can; but we aren’t willing to sacrifice quality on the way. A substantial amount of time and effort are invested into creating just one character for BlueDawn.

For ITAM Games, bringing a high quality game that not only entertains but also will advance the gaming industry with breakthough technology known as blockchain is of great significance. As we wait for more previews of the game and, ultimately, the release of the game itself, we have put together a compiled list of characters and locations of BlueDawn to give a little more detail to the game.


Elaine — BlueDawn’s Supporter

Introducing Elaine: One of the main characters BlueDawn. Elaine is the princess of the Rudrun Kingdom, and takes on the role of a supporter.

Rian — The Knight of BlueDawn

Rian, the Guardian Knight of the Rudrun Kingdom. Rian is equipped with a double-handed sword,and is a knight that ventures out on journey with Elaine.

Youjin — BlueDawn’s Mystic Knight

Youjin is a powerful mystic knight that utilizes an energy-imposed, double-handed sword. The story behind the cold face of Youjin will be revealed only on BlueDawn!

Raven — The Charming Character of BlueDawn

Do not be fooled by her appearance, as Raven is a fighter who will do whatever it takes to take down her enemy.

Tricia — The Card Magician

Introducing Tricia, a card magician that was a casino dealer in the past. What kind of role do you think she’ll have in BlueDawn?

Caser — The Almighty Boss Monster

Caser is the almighty boss monster of BlueDawn. It’s a mysterious sea serpent not yet well-known to the world. Look forward to how Caser will impact the adventures of the BlueDawn characters!


The Beautiful Harbor Town of Count Lambert’s Homeland

The beautiful harbor town of Count Lambert’s homeland is an area notorious for its sturdy castle and various hidden stories.

The Drain Islands — The Village of Pirates

The Drain Islands is a subtropical location famous for its village of pirates.

The Midnight Forest

Introducing the Midnight Forest: The area Elaine and Rian flee to in order to evade the Empire’s invasion.


A lot of hard work has been put into the creation of BlueDawn, and the team in charge of the project is continuously working day and night to bring the world of BlueDawn to life. We thank everyone that’s had interest in and supported BlueDawn, and ask for your continuous love and support. We’ll update you all with more information regarding the in-house RPG of ITAM Games as much as we can :)

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