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Introducing CUBE’s new family: FLOPPY Games

Introducing our new family: FLOPPY Games. ‘Yokai’ IP(Intellectual Property Rights), Floppy Games’ first game, will be fully available on CUBE platform.

Netmarble F&C, a parent company of METAVERSE WORLD acquired IP for Yokai Saga by having the majority of FLOPPY Games’s shares.

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced on the 20th that Netmarble F&C (CEO Seo Woo-won) has acquired a game developer FLOPPY Games’ shares to promote a wholly owned subsidiary.

FLOPPY Games ?

FLOPPY Games, founded in 2014, is a game developer of mobile RPG games like ‘Yokai Saga’ and ‘Xross Chronicle’. Netmarble took on publishing ‘Yokai’ back in 2017.

‘Yokai Saga’ had ranked top 1 in sales on both App Store and Google Play in Thailand.


Netmarble F&C has secured development manpower with over 10 years experience as well as ‘Yokai’ IP as assets to showcase ‘Yokai-Dual, a ’blockchain game.



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