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Introducing Ecosystem Partners

More isn’t always better. But it’s extremely powerful when numerous parties with mutual goals and mindset come together to create a synergetic outcome. And that’s what our ecosystem partners will bring to the table.

Introducing Ecosystem Partners

Partnering with the best of the best in each respective field, to bring a world enjoyable to all. Our partners are sourced to bring our vision as an all-in-one content provider to reality: An inclusive entertainment platform on blockchain.

Presenting the full list of partners to bring the CUBE ecosystem to life.

Ecosystem Partners

Redice Studio — Webtoon

Redice Studio produces, distributes, and publishes contents like comics, webtoons, films and so on. Redice Studio believes that the joy that comes from its contents can put a smile on people’s faces, and strives to become a support group in various ways for the creators of contents.

Kidari Studio — Webtoon

Kidari Studio is a content powerhouse, developing diverse media content worldwide. Its array of content ranges from movies to webtoons to web novels, and more. Established in 1987, Kidari Studio entered the field of e-books and electronic teaching materials in 2016 when they acquired Barobook. Following this, they’ve expanded further by acquiring other various companies.

Hyperithm — Web3

Hyperithm is a private digital asset manager based in Tokyo and Seoul, serving institutional investors and high net-worth individuals with digital asset management and execution brokerage.

AhnLab Blockchain Company — Web3

AhnLab Blockchain Company works to protect people from the many threats that exist in the digital ecosystem. Creating new values and keeping them safe in the global digital world and economy is what AhnLab Blockchain Company strives to achieve.

KODA — Web3

KODA(Korea Digital Asset) is a corporation invested by KB Kookmin Bank. KODA provides digital asset one-stop solution for institutional investors, such as Bitcoin trust.

Krust Universe — Web3

Krust Universe incubates innovative startups that are building the next generation of groundbreaking technology applications. By enabling their growth and supporting their global expansion, Krust aims to contribute to the innovation of humanity.

Haechi Labs

Haechi Labs has been providing one-stop solutions (Audit, Wallet, Custody, OTC) to more than 400 blockchain companies/projects around the world since 2018.

Kaura — Web3

Kaura is a consulting and advisory firm in the field of blockchain technology.

Megabox — Innovation

Megabox is a multiplex cinema chain that was established in 2000, and is one of the top multiplex theater companies in South Korea. Their mission is to create a space and experience that everyone can enjoy together.

Musicow — Innovation

Musicow is the world’s first music copyright investment platform. Musicow has reached over 1 million members and $270m of cumulative sales. The copyrights of more than 1,100 songs of musicians like IU have been traded.

KICA — Innovation

KICA, short for Korea Information Certificate Authority, is a company that provides a safe and clean internet infrastructure. They have been implementing a trust platform for the cyber space with safety and convenience based on their own PKI technology and experiences.

Unity Technologies- Innovation

Unity Technologies is a video game software development company that created Unity, an easy-to-use 3D content making tool. Unity Technologies empowers across the different industries,Games, Architecture, Car, Animation, to own an unique competitiveness.

THE CAMP — Innovation

THE CAMP is an online military platform in Korea providing customized benefits for those from pre-enlistment to post-dischargment. Additionally, THE CAMP plays as a communication medium between the people and the military.

Flint — Game

Flint is a game development company that created Dragon Blaze, a beloved CCG Mobile RPG game that gained its fame for various unique characters and constant updates.

Floppy Games — Game

Floppy Games is a game developer that made the CCG RPG ‘Yokai Saga’ and mobile RPG ‘Xross Chronicle’. ‘Yokai Saga’ ranked Top 1 in sales in Tailand on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Currently, they are developing an arcane funk fantasy story based CCG RPG with semi-realism graphics.


OASIS VR is creating a new genre of games: ‘Entertainment VR content’ that maximizes the benefits of both ‘popularity of mobile games’ and ‘advantages of VR devices.’

Supercat — Game

Supercat is a game company that places great value on connectivity through games. Through games such as “The Kingdom of the Winds: Kite,” “Granny’s House,” “Grow Stone Online,” and “Nekoland,” they’ve connected and created new experiences for people.

Stand Company — Game

Stand Company is a holding company of Treenod that owns the casual game series, Pokopang.

0x& — Game

0x& is a game scholarship/guild management platform developer supporting development, local games sourcing, scholars management, and CS operation. 0x& is established in Singapore(HQ) and Korea and 3 Southeast Asian countries(Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines).

Studio Lululala — Entertainment

Lululala is a cross-media studio under JTBC that was launched in July 2017. It provides young and fresh content tailored to millennials and GenZ, and has become one of the top cross-media studios that crosses the boundaries of platforms such as TV, digital, and OTT through various genres such as entertainment, drama, and lifestyle.

H&Entertainment — Entertainment

H& is an entertainment agency signed with various actors and actress like In Gyo-Jin, Jung Ryeo-Won, Ju Ji-Hoon.

SUBLIME — Entertainment

SUBLIME is an entertainment company that covers talent management, ads production and ads agency, photographers, and model agency.

Chorokbaem — Entertainment

Chorokbaem is one of the top entertainment content creating companies in Korea, partaking in projects such as OST production and theme park development.

Tableone — Entertainment

Tableone is a company specialized in IP(intellectual property) renewal and concept development.

ENCAST — Entertainment

ENCAST is a studio that entails planning, production, and distribution of various global contents and IP(Intellectual Property) business. Key projects include Giant Veteran(2020) and HACKINSSA CREW(2019)

Ace Factory — Entertainment

Ace Factory is an entertainment company that represents actors and actresses like Lee Joo-Young, Kim Ah-Joong, and Lee Si-Young, and produces drama contents such as Go Back(2019)

Taewon Entertainment — Entertainment

Taewon Entertainment is a production company with creative ideas and systematic production know-how to create movies and dramas. Taewon Entertainment has produced content such as Backstreet Rookie(2020), Criminal Mind(2017), and Iris 2(2013)

D-Origin — Entertainment

D-Origin is an IP(Intellectual Property) development and renewal consulting firm.

Binance — Crypto

Binance is the world leading crypto exchange with the largest members and transactions. Binance supports more than 900 coins/tokens in the market with a powerful mainnet, BNB Chain.

Coinone — Crypto

Coinone is a digital asset exchange platform in Korea that has been officially approved as a legitimate digital assets business. Coinone provides blockchain financial services such as digital asset management and a transaction matching engine.

KuCoin — Crypto

KuCoin is one of the top global crypto exchanges based in Seychelles, serving more than 8 million members from over 200 countries. — Crypto is a pioneer of digital asset platforms and payment systems. launched its own crypto called CRO( Chain) which works as a payment method via VISA Debit card for every VISA card affiliates, all over the world.

MEXC Global — Crypto

MEXC Global is a centralized exchange with top-notch transaction matching technology. MEXC Global was founded in 2018 and now serves more than 5 million members from more than 70 countries. — Crypto is one of the top global crypto exchanges that was founded in 2013. serves more than 8 million members from more than 130 countries.

BY4M — Commerce

Operating many distinctive and vibrant businesses, BY4M offers media commerce based on digital marketing capabilities. The company provides entertainment by planning new content, and discovering hidden talents in music, publishing, and video.

Nextplayer — Commerce

Nextplayer is a media commerce business with passionate young professionals. Nextplayer does relentless research on the market and trends and also runs brands across different industries like functional foods, cosmetics, fashion, and so on.


We are extremely excited to announce the above partners, and firmly believe that together, we will bring the dreams of METAVERSE World to reality.

Two is better than one; And 30+ is brings us more power than any other project. Join us on our journey to revolutionize the industry 🤜 🤛

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