Introducing the Fanciest Blockchain: FNCY

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3 min readOct 14, 2022

Hello, everyone. This is FNCY.
Today is the day that the new look of FNCY is finally revealed. We went through tons of ideation to find out how we can put our sincerity into FNCY. We know for sure that rebranding is not just a creative logo design or a provocative slogan to bait your eyes. So what we did was to stack up every aspect of FNCY which is what every supporter hopes for and aligns with the vision of FNCY, one by one.

And we can put our rebranding into one sentence:

‘Blockchain Coming Down to Everyday Life’

Blockchain is no longer difficult, or no longer exists far away.
Our blockchain is here to make your everyday life fancy!

Stay awhile and listen to the story of the ‘Fancy’est blockchain of all time history.

The meaning of FNCY

The ‘Fancy’est blockchain of all time history.

You may think that we are just throwing fancy and beautiful words.
But that can’t be real. We are the ‘Fancy’est blockchain of all time. Our ideas, goals, dreams, futures… are all concentrated in FNCY.

First, the keywords we tried to convey in FNCY were ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Repetition’. Simplify the complexity and with the repetition of simple pattern, we created a small star. Under a pitch-black sky, even a smallest star shines brightest and it becomes a lighthouse for those lost in the dark.

A starlight that is weak, but enough to radiant.

This is how FNCY was born.

Triangles Formed the Star of FNCY

The element we chose to reach the star of FNCY was the triangle. The triangle is the most stable shape which stands strong against external force as long as the length of its side stays the same. This implies our determination not to be swung around by external factors, but to stand still based on our tight stable structure.

Placing each triangle’s point differently and repeatedly so that the energy from all directions comes to a single point. Direction change and repetition created something new, ‘Concentration’.

This is how we convey ‘Every entertainment come together within FNCY mainnet’

FNCY is Paradise Pink

The color which FNCY chose is ‘PINK’.


Spread cryptic code over canvas, then you will see ‘Paradise Pink’ of FNCY. ‘Pink’ had been a symbol of authority and strength, but today the color brings healing and peace to people’s minds. When you see ‘pink’, the brain feels peaceful and increases its focus.

Time to feel the FNCY.

Everyday of your life will be ‘Fancy’ful with so many exciting entertainments.

The world which FNCY is trying to bring

‘Fancy Up Your World, with FNCY’

We wish your everyday to be ‘Fancy’ful with what FNCY will bring to the world. Soon, the FNCY mainnet will come to your door. In the next post, we are going to offer a sneak peek at the entertainment content that will be released with the FNCY mainnet launch.

See you soon.

Thank you.

Scam alert

The number of fake FNCY social media is rising at the moment. Please be aware that all the FNCY channels you can find right now are not official channels. We will be announcing FNCY’s official channels soon.
Our official channels(CUBE) are as follow:

👉 CUBE Telegram:
👉 CUBE Twitter:
👉 CUBE Facebook:
👉 CUBE Youtube:
👉 CUBE Medium: