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Introducing Fiat Payments w/ MoonPay

Written by Eon Ha, Community & Content Manager at ITAM Games

Make In-App Purchases with Credit Cards!


We at ITAM Games are ecstatic to announce our partnership with MoonPay, the company that allows fiat-to-crypto payments. This added feature will break down huge barriers-to-entry for users unfamiliar with blockchain/cryptocurrency, and help onboard many users.


As many of us that are familiar with blockchain and EOS know, making in-app payments on an EOS platform is a pain in the butt at the moment. First, you need (obviously) an EOS account. Also, you need (once again, obviously) EOS on that account to actually make the payment. This means that you need to go to an external crypto exchange, such as Binance or Bithumb, sign up for an account on that exchange, deposit fiat money onto that exchange account, purchase EOS, withdraw that EOS from the exchange onto your EOS wallet, go back into the app, and finally make the in-app purchase. Wow. What a pain.


However, ITAM Games have cut down this lengthy process into just a few short steps.

First, the huge barrier-to-entry with EOS account creation itself was eliminated with the ITAM/Social login. Users who are totally unfamiliar with blockchain and/or EOS can log onto the ITAM Store with their Facebook/Google accounts.

Next, they just need to open the appropriate game, navigate to the in-app purchase page, and make payments using their credit card via MoonPay! Simple as that :)


In order to dive deeper into MoonPay and learn the details of the newly added feature, we were able to ask a few questions to the MoonPay team. Below are five questions we asked in order to better grasp the concept of MoonPay, and how the system works.

1. Can you briefly summarize what MoonPay is?

MoonPay is a seamless on-ramp for fiat to crypto. We’ve developed a widget designed for leading wallets, exchanges and dapps to allow their end-users to easily top-up their wallet with BTC, ETH, EOS or other major cryptocurrencies.

2. How does the process of fiat-to-crypto payment work?

  1. Choose the cryptocurrency and the amount you want to purchase.
  2. Sign up with your email address and verify your identity (only for your first purchase)
  3. Enter your bank card details or pay using Apple Pay
  4. All done! You will receive your crypto in less than 10 minutes.

So, in the case of ITAM Store, users just need their credit card and/or Apple Pay.

3. Which cards work with MoonPay?

MoonPay supports Visa and Mastercard. We also allow iOS / macOS users to use Apple Pay. We plan to offer more payment methods such as bank transfers in near future.

4. Will MoonPay be available globally?

MoonPay is currently open to EEA and UK residents. We plan to rollout MoonPay globally by summer 2019.

5. What are your future plans? How are you guys planning to further develop MoonPay?

Our future roadmap for MoonPay includes providing end-users with more ways to pay, offering developers additional customization features, and supporting crypto to fiat off-ramps.


With the added benefit of MoonPay, we at ITAM Games firmly believe this will bring even greater value to not only ITAM Games, but the blockchain gaming world as well. Of course, not everything is complete in the beginning; but we are diligently working to perfect our products to bring the most convenient and easy-to-use services to our users. Solutions to two grand hurdles of “EOS Account Creation” and “EOS In-App Payments” have been made, and we at ITAM Games will work to further solve the several entry-barriers for users to enter the world of ITAM.

Thank you to everyone for your support in us! We will give back to the community with rewards and more ways to “Play-to-Earn!”

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