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Introducing: The Archer Idol, Shooting Star K!

Hello everyone! Today we’ll introduce Shooting Star K! Find out her special charms with today’s Character Spotlight!

Shooting Star K

This arrow shooting K-Pop star looks flawless, but in reality….

This K-pop star has a very unique past. Before becoming an idol she was a very skilled Archer. Moreover, with her perfect image, her popularity was beyond imagination. But there’s always more than meets the eye, and it seems like she has a hidden side that is not revealed to the public! Maybe we’ll be able to see this other side of her in the Battlefield?


Her Basic Attack fires a long-range projectile once. The projectile direction changes once while heading towards the target!

When using her Evasion Skill, she removes nearby projectiles, and knocks back enemies within the skill’s range. It also gives an extra 2 seconds of MOV SPD increase, creates a barrier, DoT immunity, and CC immunity status. It’s a very powerful skill, however you must be careful since her Evasion stack recovery is slower than other characters!

Increase the number of projectiles fired through a Basic Attack and make your ATK stronger the more enemies you hit by using Power Up Capsules.

Ultimate: A powerful Arrow of Light

Her ultimate ignores all obstacles and shoots a very long-range shining laser arrow that has a knock-back effect. Power Up Capsules can increase the number of projectiles fired through her ultimate!

That’s it for Shooting Star K, the idol archer!
A strong DPS for your team, capable of powerful long distance shots!

For more details and videos, follow the links below!
See you again tomorrow with the next Character Spotlight!

[Shooting Star K Handbook]

[Shooting Star K Video]



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