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Introducing: The Duck Barrier, Braine Newey!

Our fourth Spotlight belongs to Braine Newey! He seems a bit…unusual? Let’s learn a bit more about him!

Braine Newey

An Obsession with Yellow Ducks

Wait, wait! We don’t mean real ducks! Braine Newey created mechanical ducks using his engineering skills. No one can tell how he actually feels about these mechanical ducks, but one thing is certain, if you see yellow ducks, that means Braine Newey is probably around as well.

What can Braine Newey and his mechanical ducks do in battle? Let’s find out!

Dreadful Duck Turrets

Braine Newey’s Basic Attack consists of firing 1 projectile ahead, and every 5th attack he summons a Duck Turret. The duck turrets fire projectiles at the enemy every 2 seconds, within a shorter range than the Basic Attack. They are automatically destroyed after 5 seconds.

It’s possible to increase the turret’s duration and their attacks by using capsule power-ups!

Additionally, when turrets are around you can restore the character’s HP and select the turrets directly to strengthen them by powering up with capsules. The more you power-up, the stronger you get!

Ultimate: Giant Duck Summon!

Braine’s Ultimate summons a giant duck turret!

Giant duck turrets, when compared to the turrets summoned by the Basic Attack, have a much larger size, longer attack range, and fire projectiles every 0.33 seconds.

Capsule Power-up increases the amount of giant duck turrets summoned when using the Ultimate! Strengthen the duck turrets using various power-ups, and watch their powerful performance in the mid-back lines.

Look forward to battle alongside duck turrets!

This was Braine Newey and his yellow ducks! What are your thoughts on him?

For more details and videos, check out our Handbook and the video linked below!

[Braine Newey Handbook]

[Braine Newey Video]



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