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Introducing: The Electric Clubber, Margaret!

Today the Spotlight is on Margaret! She’s not just your average police officer, she’s a… traffic officer? Let’s find out more about her story and skills now!

Margaret’s dream is to become a homicide detective.

Even though being a traffic officer isn’t exactly what she wants, she always gives her all at her job to work her way up to becoming a homicide detective. In order to reach her goals, she couldn’t be negligent with her training. However, focusing too much on her goals left no room for her life outside work. What kind of skills can Margaret show us?

Controlling the enemy’s movements!

Her Basic Attack fires 1 projectile ahead and stuns the target for 3 seconds after 3 consecutive hits. Power Up Capsules can significantly increase damage done to arrested enemies and restore HP. With her Evasion Skill in use, she shoots 3 projectiles in a fan-shape while dodging, ignores collisions, and activates an Invincible state.

Ultimate: Turn the tables with Drone backup!

Her Ultimate summons 2 drones. Drones reduce the MOV SPD and ATK SPD of nearby enemies by 50%, and increase teammate’s ATK SPD by 30%. When backed up by drones, Margaret’s basic attacks become AOE.

That’s it for our introduction of Margaret, the traffic officer. Control the battlefield by restricting your enemy’s movements, giving strong buffs to teammates, and debuffing enemies!

For more details and videos, follow the links below! Margaret’s was our final Character Spotlight! We hope you enjoyed our character introduction series.

We’ll keep bringing more useful and interesting information in the future!



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