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Introducing: The Rapid Firing Rascal, Jennifer!

In today’s Golden Bros Character Spotlight series, we’ll be taking a look at Jennifer!

This former gymnast enters the real battlefield!

Despite holding the title of best gymnast, Jennifer decided to retire once there wasn’t a rival to be found who could challenge her skills. She now participates in the battlefield aiming to become the best among these true competitors. Fearlessly firing shots and swiftly evading enemy attacks with impressive moves, Jennifer lives up to her “best Gymnast” title. Let’s find out more about Jennifer who graces the battlefield with her performance!

Ranged combat and powerful strikes!

Jennifer is a ranged character who fires 2 projectiles as a basic attack and increases ranged damage dealt to distant enemies during battle with her power-up. Also, she can use her dodge skill to move forward quickly while avoiding collisions and becoming invincible! Upgrade her dodge skill to throw a fire grenade. Dodge stacks have a 10 second cool down time each, so plan your battle strategy accordingly!

Ultimate Skill: Attack enemies with powerful machine gun speakers!

Jennifer’s ultimate skill inflicts high damage by rapidly firing her weapon for about 4.5 seconds. If an opponent is within range, fire bullets will be fired in their direction. Without a target in range, they will fire straight ahead. The attacked enemy is pushed back and the inflicted damage increases with each hit. (Max. 20 Stacks)

Fun fact! Using her ultimate creates a shield and she can recover HP during her ultimate with power-ups in battle!

With the right battle strategy in place, this ranged character can turn the tables during crucial moments with powerful attack bursts!

What are your thoughts on Jennifer, the top gymnast?

Check out Jennifer’s skill video and more details in our handbook!

[Jennifer Handbook]

[Jennifer Video]

- ITAM CUBE and Netmarble F&C Team



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