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Introduction to ITAM project

The New Era: ITAM NFTs and DeFi collaboration

Project Name: Make #ITAM Great Again


ITAM is a listed token in UPBIT which is the largest exchange in Korea ( The background of ITAM GAMES was a middleware development company for games to trade their items in the real world until 2019 ( For instance, Darktown ( is a blockchain game applied ITAM NFT. In fact, items in the game were traded in the form of NFT.

Due to a change of our busines strategy, we are currently rebranding “ITAM GAMES” token to “ITAM,” and expanding our businesses to DeFi and NFTs. In line with our business plan, ITAM BSC bridge was developed to mitigate ITAM on ETH to BSC ecosystem ( ITAM Bridge is also audited by HAECHI LABS to secure reliability and credibility. (

<New Era: ITAM NFTs-DeFi Collaboration>

ITAM is evolving to the company where all creation in painting, cartoon, fashion, and games is digitalized by ITAM NFTs. As partnering with CafeSwap.Finance on BSC, our exclusive digital arts will be utilized to trade, stake, and farm on CafeSwap through Brew, ITAM and BNB on BSC. (

ITAM and CafeSwap will reveal the NFTs-DeFi collaboration for Brewers and ITAMers soon.



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