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ITAM CUBE & Golden Bros AMA w/ BNB Chain

Hello everyone! It’s an honor to be able to share more about Golden Bros to the Bros Family!

*This post has been adapted from the recent BNB Chain AMA that took place on March 22, 2022 on the BNB Chain Community Telegram group.

For anyone new to the community, here’s a brief rundown of Golden Bros.

Golden Bros is a 3v3 battle royale game developed by Netmarble F&C and published by Netmarble. A lot of heavy gamers should be familiar with Netmarble, which is the 8th largest game publisher in the world! Golden Bros is Netmarble’s first official appearance in the crypto scene and we’ve specifically chosen BNB Chain to bring all the goodies this BNB Chain has to offer.

The game will be serviced both on mobile and PC, and has been build on Unreal Engine for the past 2 years. It’ll be available for Early Access, exclusive for presale participants, soon!

This is the first of many Netmarble games we will support and you can look forward to globally successful lineups and IPs including “Seven Knights 2,” “MARVEL Future Revolution,” “BTS World,” “Lineage 2: Revolution,” and “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.”

Alrighty, enough background talk — Let’s get into the questions!

1. What is the goal of ITAM Cube, and what problems are you trying to solve?

Here’s the thing, majority of crypto games today are just not fun to play. It’s plain and simple. Compared to traditional games, crypto games are merely treated as a way to earn money and the entertainment nature is almost non-existent. We’re here to change that.

How do we exactly plan to accomplish this? We’re going back to the basics of Play-to-Earn:

(1) Build a game that’s actually fun and one that you’d want to play even without the added crypto element.

Netmarble is a massive game developer and studio, producing AAA-level games. We’ve got the expertise and skills, and proved over and over again that we know how to make “hit” games. This plus the blockchain capabilities of ITAM CUBE will revolutionize the industry. (At least this is what we are aiming for 🙂 )

(2) Make the reward mechanism organically profitable based on PvP results.

We’ve integrated GBC tokens to reward players from each battle. The reward mechanism is very transparent, so anyone can easily calculate how much they’d earn from their NFT investments.

At the end of the day, we’re trying to attract real gamers and provide a profitable solution to players that actually have fun playing the game. That’s the answer to longevity.

Moreso Play-AND-Earn over Play-TO-Earn.

2. There’s been a lot of great news revolving around ITAM Games and Golden Bros recently. Let’s dive into them one by one. We saw that Netmarble F&C, ITAM Games, and Bono Technologies will be joining forces to create a “Metanomics Ecosystem.” Care to further elaborate?

That is correct! It was announced that in pursuit of realizing a metanomics ecosystem, ITAM Games and Bono Technologies, subsidiaries of parent company Netmarble F&C, have merged to join forces.

In order to better align Netmarble F&C’s goal of creating a one-of-a-kind metaverse world, Golden Bros will be joining hands with us to bring about the ultimate metanomics platform.

As such, ITAM Games will be in charge of the blockchain system, Bono Technologies will lead the cryptocurrency wallet service, and Netmarble F&C will oversee the game development.

The first collaborative project is, you guessed it, Golden Bros. But, this is greater than just one game. We are building an all-in-one entertainment platform, “CUBE Hub” and “CUBE Wallets,” specifically for P2E players.

This is not just your ordinary PC Launcher — It has an integrated built-in wallet with single sign-on convenience, and an NFT marketplace/DeFi/DEX integrated right into the same platform.

We’ve designed it so that P2E is no longer troublesome in terms of user experience. This will make the users’ entire experience, from downloading the game to cashing out rewards, a matter of a few clicks 🙂

On top of Bono Technologies, we’d also like to mention the strategic partnership between Netmarble F&C and Binance to build a global GameFi and Metaverse. This will be the first step towards mainstream adoption of P2E entertainment. Hope you are as excited as we are!

3. Let’s talk about NFTs! How do the NFTs in Golden Bros differentiate from other common NFTs and/or NFTs from other crypto games?

Yes, NFTs are the exciting part!

(1) Unlike other projects that continuously stamp out NFTs for sale, we treat NFT as a limited supply.

This means that we have a set Total Supply & Initial Supply Supply, similar to tokens. This is to regulate the internal economy of GBC and avoid abusive activities of non-players.

(2) Golden Bros NFT costumes actually have legit utility.

Although Golden Bros is a Free-to-Play game, you need at least ONE NFT COSTUME to starting earning tokens.

And depending on the NFT costume, aka its costume grade, the return will vary.

To make clear, the return will mainly depend on 3 factors: Win/Loss Status, Costume Grade, and League Tier.

For example, if you are wearing Premium costume, which has a win bonus multiplier of x4.33, and are in Tier 3, you will receive 12.99 GBC when you win a battle.

So in sum, the NFTs in Golden Bros are limited in supply, increasing its value over time; and has actual utility that’s essential in the P2E model. These limited NFTs have sold out in the previous two presale rounds, and the next batch of NFT presale is on its way!

4. You have mentioned that there was a delay in the next round of Golden Bros NFT presale. What was the reasoning behind this, and when can we expect the presale to resume?

This is something we really wanted to share with the community. We had to make a bold decision to postpone presales, despite the major success we’ve had with the previous presales.

We have noticed that many participants were blindly purchasing NFTs without any interest or understanding of Golden Bros. This is partly how the market works in general, but we have decided to take the responsibility to take more time to educate our community about Golden Bros before continuing any further presale.

As mentioned, our main priority is to host actual gamers who would like to use the NFTs inside the game, and less about the investors looking for a one-time jackpot. Of course, the previous two rounds were undeniably successful and the public feedback has been very positive. However, if selling more at this point translates to less value for the initial buyers, we are willing to take the route of stopping the sales until we do our job right to deliver all relevant information, so that the true believers and players can board the ship.

The presale is expected to resume in April!

5. Let’s talk about Early Access. When can we expect Early Access of Golden Bros to begin?

Early Access will be coming soon, but the specific date and detailed information will be announced in due time. Our dev and operations teams are working very hard to deliver the best experience — Not only in terms of gaming, but also CUBE Hub (PC Launcher) and CUBE Wallet (Built-In NFT/Token Wallet). This means that during Early Access of Golden Bros, players will be able to download the game via CUBE Hub and play in sync between their mobile and PC. Be the first to know about Early Access by joining the GB Discord Server!

6. Speaking of, we saw your announcement last week of Cube Hub & Wallets. Can you please go more in depth on what this is?

Yes yes yes! This is the infrastructure we are building for a long-lasting and ever-growing P2E community! CUBE Hub and Wallet will support the best of both traditional and blockchain gaming industries.

In essence, with one-time installation of CUBE Hub to your PC or laptop, players will be able to enjoy all P2E has to offer within a single platform. It’l change the paradigm with player-friendly features that are specifically optimized for cryptogames.

CUBE Wallet is already built into CUBE Hub. It is an exclusive wallet, developed by Netmarble F&C, but also supports connection to other public wallets such as Metamask.

These two products together is a killer combination!

Say you open Golden Bros from CUBE Hub, you can pick up an NFT, drop it in your wallet directly, and list it on the built-in NFT marketplace — This all happens within a few clicks inside the same platform. No more hassle syncing wallets, jumping between webpages, losing track of your assets.

Moreover, community is essential when it comes to games and blockchain projects. Users will be able to socialize with their friends and have guilds, a feature for auto-translation will be implemented that’ll connect all edges of the world into a single platform, and live streaming will be available for further community activity and content creation.

Also, a scholarship management solution will be built-in in the near future. Lending out your NFTs to scholars and sharing the profit will be as easy as simply selling the NFTs.

Oh, and by the way, Golden Bros will be the first game to join this ecosystem 🙂 When the wallet launches, you will be able to see your Golden Bros NFTs (from presale) inside, just like the image below 🔽

7. Now onto the last, but a very important question: Can we expect any additional events on the way?

For sure! We’ve had various events for our users, and are continuously planning more to engage our players. While we can’t reveal details yet, be on the lookout for events as we launch our new CUBE Hub & Wallets, presale for GB NFTs, and Early Access of GB!

For any future events, we will post them immediately here on Twitter: 👉

And onto user-inquired questions!

1. Will users be able to play Golden Bros on any devices, such as PC/Mac, and on mobile devices via Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

Golden Bros will be available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and an APK for mobile! A PC Launcher will be available for Windows computers and laptops 🙂

2. Is the durability of the costumes unlimited? If so, wouldn’t there be inflation in the game economy?

Durability of the costume is unlimited for ONLY 4 weeks during Early Access. This is to provide our initial players added advantage while exploring battles and receiving rewards 😎

The durability will decrease gradually after Grand Launch, which can be recharged with GBC tokens, which is another utility for GBC.

3. Will there be monetization available for free-to-play gamers?

The highest tier will receive a free Classic NFT Costume after Grand Launch. This means that Free-to-Play users may have a chance to get a taste of GBC tokens!

However, we’ve designed it so that no one can abuse this system, since it takes real effort and commitment to make it to the highest tier. It’s essentially impossible for multi-account scammers to receive a Classic NFT Costume.

4. The presale amount is quite large — How do you plan to build a sustainable and stable economy?

Good question! There are 2 options for how NFT presale works for P2E games:

(1) Small amount of presale NFT — Sell NFTs continuously after game launch without a set MAX amount.

(2) Larger amount of presale NFT — Sell NFTs only up to a set MAX amount. No more, no less.

We’ve chose to go with the latter, which many P2E games won’t be too keen to adopt since NFT sale is one of their primary revenue sources. However, we do not plan to issue more NFTs beyond the set amount. If there should be any more NFT minting due to large user influx, we will hold a governance among our community to make the decision.

We believe in (1) Limited NFT supply (2) Player-owned decision making for future NFTs

And with that, we’d like to conclude today’s AMA post! Thank you to all that followed through, and we at ITAM CUBE, Netmarble F&C, and Golden Bros send our dearest appreciation to the community!

We’ll be back with further updates and good news soon! Until then, ✌️

— ITAM Cube and Netmarble F&C



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