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ITAM Games and Bono Technologies Merge to Bring a Metanomics Ecosystem

In pursuit of realizing a metanomics ecosystem, ITAM Games and Bono Technologies, subsidiaries of parent company Netmarble F&C, have merged to join forces.

ITAM Games X Bono Technologies

It was announced in January of this year that ITAM Games was acquired by Netmarble F&C, and shortly afterwards, the announcement of Netmarble F&C’s acquisition of the cryptocurrency wallet service provider, Bono Technologies, was also made in February.

In order to better align Netmarble F&C’s goal of creating a one-of-a-kind metaverse world, these two recently acquired firms will be joining hands to bring about the ultimate metanomics platform. As such, ITAM Games, the surviving company, will be in charge of the blockchain system, Bono Technologies will lead the cryptocurrency wallet service, and Netmarble F&C will oversee the game development.

Golden Bros

The first collaborative project of the trio is the 3v3 casual shooter game, “Golden Bros,” and the presale of the game’s NFTs, as well as the recently announced all-in-one entertainment platform, “CUBE Hub” and “CUBE Wallet.”

The next round of Golden Bros NFT presale is coming soon, with a total of 100K available before Early Access, and the first two rounds being a major success, selling out all available shortly after opening.

CUBE Hub & Wallet

Furthermore, CUBE Hub and Wallet will be available for download prior to Early Access, and Golden Bros will be the first of many games to release from our Hub.

With the collaborative power of Netmarble F&C, ITAM Games, and Bono Technologies, the spheres of metaverse, blockchain, and gaming will drastically shift to a revolution the world has unseen. True P2E is coming - We’re ready, are you?

- ITAM CUBE and Netmarble F&C Team



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