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ITAM Games, The Future of Blockchain Companies

Introduce ITAM Games

ITAM Games was founded a few months prior to the launch of the EOS Mainnet, with the goal of creating a transparent gaming platform for a blockchain dApp ecosystem. Although it hasn’t been too long since the founding of ITAM Games, it possesses both a Game Development Team, which is developing a mobile RPG game called BlueDawn for optimal blockchain development, as well as a Blockchain Development Team, and has clearly marked itself as a qualified actor in the field.

From its inception, ITAM Games has been leading the then-barren EOS ecosystem by sharing contents on EOS development via various social media channels such as Medium and Twitter. The Medium blogs written by the the Development Team of ITAM Games, which consists of Korea’s best blockchain developers, has been recognized by EOS New York, shared throughout Chinese blockchain communities, and has been globally acclaimed by blockchain developers around the world.

CTO, Sim Jae Hyun

“Blockchain isn’t difficult, but rather unfamiliar.” — ITAM Network, Sim Jae Hyun CTO

Beyond EOS development content, the members of ITAM Games have continuously been composing contents on topics such as the blockchain gaming industry, columns on various subjects and more, informing on not only the EOS ecosystem but the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

ITAM Games’s EOScanner or EOStock are not never-before-seen services, nor do they generate immense profits. But what they do have in common is that both were born after ITAM Games’s developers began developing services from the viewpoint of the users. At the time of development, there were no block explorers that showed the many EOS tokens in a convenient way like how EOScanner does, and that was the reason for its development. Although it was first developed simply because of an actual need and demand, EOScanner is now registered as the official EOS block explorer of Bithumb, Korea’s largest coin exchange.


The World’s First Chrome Extension EOS Wallet, EOStock

EOStock has a similar background. It began with a simple demand of a wallet that could easily be used on the web, but has now been gifted with the title as the world’s first Chrome Extension EOS wallet. These achievements were the result of service development that started from the users’ needs.

ITAM Games, with already getting its name out in the EOS ecosystem with EOScanner and EOStock, received global interest once again after releasing a YouTube video on December 3rd. The 1-minute-and-11-seconds gameplay trailer of BlueDawn, the mobile blockchain RPG game currently being developed and expected to have its beta version release during the 1st half of 2019, received over 5,600 views following its upload, and has been receiving the spotlight in various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, other YouTube channels, and foreign media. ITAM Games’s BlueDawn, which will offer a fair and transparent way of buying and selling acquired items after being blockified, will be a game unlike any others with high quality, and be the forefront of blockchain games.


Thanks to the steadfast performance in 2018, 2019 is expected to have even greater advancements, with the world’s first mobile dApp store where you can download and manage various dApps all on a single platform already in the works and expected to release in the first half of 2019. With the diverse gaming companies set to have releases on the ITAM Store, ITAM Games will continue to grow and try to set an ideal example for the blockchain industry.

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