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ITAM Store, The Blockchain Gaming Platform

Introducing the ITAM Store

ITAM Store, the first service being prepared by ITAM Games that will launch in the first half of 2019, is an EOS-based mobile blockchain gaming platform.

The ITAM Store is a mobile service that allows users to download and play various game dApps, similar to how the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store hosts diverse gaming applications. Due to the policy of the iPhone’s store, ITAM Games is focusing on just the Android OS for now.

The ITAM Store is not only a hub to host all the services that will be released by ITAM Games, but also the first service that will help take a step into the direction of ITAM Games’ vision of “innovating the gaming ecosystem through a blockchain gaming platform.” ITAM Store is a true blockchain platform, with ‘Gangster Arena’, ‘BlueDawn’, and about 20 other games expected to release on Store, as well as the ability for users to use EOS and the ITAM Token to purchase in-game content.

Finally, ITAM Store is not only the front page that gamers will see when coming to find games to play, but also a platform with an admin page that has a user-friendly UI/UX similar to the Google Play Store, where game developers can come to register and sell games in a convenient way. Developers that have registered apps on the Android OS should not have a barrier to entry in registering and selling their dApps on the ITAM Store.

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ITAM Games is a blockchain platform for a transparent gaming ecosystem

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