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ITAM to ITAM CUBE Token Swap will close in March 31, 2022

ITAM CUBE ready to hit the stride with Netmarble F&C

Dear ITAMies,

Hope you are excited about the recent news about the Binance MoU & the new game, GOLDEN BROS. We have dedicated all our resources the past few months to making this happen and provide P2E experience that captures the fun of both playing and earning. We are constantly cooperating with game studios and operational experts within Netmarble to bring a stable and fun entertainment with GOLDEN BROS.

🛎 ITAM CUBE is the native token for Netmarble F&C. It will serve as the governance and utility token for all games and services that Netmarble F&C will launch in the crypto space.

ITAM TOKEN will have multiple utilities including cash out of in-game tokens, trading of NFTs, governance for future developments, and many more. We are proud to serve as the bridge between Netmarble and blockchain.

🛎 ITAM-to-ITAMCUBE token swap portal will close in [11:59PM UST] March 31, 2022.

With this said, the token swap portal will close at the end of next month. If you have not yet swapped your ITAM token to ITAM CUBE token, we strongly ask you to do so as quickly as possible. For any ITAM token that has not been swapped afterwards will lose all its utility. We sincerely hope we can make it clear that Netmarble F&C will NOT support ITAM token and will NOT use ITAM token in any of its services and initiatives. Only ITAM CUBE.

The earlier you can swap to ITAMCUBE, the faster we can push things forward with Netmarble F&C to truly bring GameFi and the Metaverse closer to you. The whole ecosystem only completes with ITAM CUBE.

📍For more information about ITAM CUBE, please check the last medium article:

📍Please check below for a detailed guideline for the token swap portal:

Please keep a close eye on our next update on GOLDEN BROS

Thank you and Happy swapping!



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