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ITAM x Alpaca Finance Partnership

Dear ITAM holders,

We did it again! We are delighted to announce a new partnership between ITAM and Alpaca Finance. This partnership will allow ITAM holders to boost their ITAM-BNB pair yield farming by leveraging up to 2x their positions.

As we are writing these lines the ITAM-BNB pair is yielding more than 400% APR in CAKE Rewards, imagine what you could do with some leverage!

But that’s not all, to celebrate this partnership, we have prepared some bonus ITAM awards coming with the leverage, valued at ~237k USD.

But first what is Alpaca Finance?

Alpaca Finance is the first leverage yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain(“BSC”). It allows yield farmers to maximize their returns by opening leveraged position. The project launched as a fair launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine.

Did you say rewards?

Yes rewards! And lots of them. In collaboration with Alpaca Finance, we have prepared 2 kinds of rewards amounting to ~237k USD in ITAM. These will be distributed over the next 4 four weeks as follow:

- For ITAM-BNB yield farmers: 2.2Mn ITAM (~200k USD) will be distributed for ITAM-BNB yield farmers that open Leveraged Yield Farming positions with Alpaca Finance. We will distribute:

o Around 80k USD the first week

o Around 40k USD per week for the next 3 weeks

o The allocation will be done based on your debt value relative to the entire debt value of all borrowers farming the same pair. You can open and close positions anytime of course, but your rewards will only accrue when you have an open position!

- For ibBNB token holders (BNB lenders): 412.5k ITAM (~37.5k USD) will be distributed to BNB lenders on top of their usual ALPACA and BNB rewards. Excited to welcome you in the ITAM Holder family BNB lenders!

So when exactly can we participate?

Very soon actually!

- You will be able to start leveraging your ITAM-BNB yield farming on Thursday, April 15th at 8AM GMT

- The Bonus ITAM rewards will run for 4 weeks, ending on Thursday, May 15th 2021 at 8AM GMT

- Users will be able to claim the rewards on a weekly basis on ALPACA Finance’s stake page

This partnership comes at a crucial and exciting timing for ITAM. As you all know, we have been working hard on rebranding our project, and getting active on the BSC sphere. Our close collaboration with Alpaca Finance will provide amazing synergies with our existing partners and allow our loyal ITAM holders to boost their returns. Exciting time to be an ITAM holder!

To learn more about Alpaca Finance please visit:

- Website:

- Discord:

- Telegram:

- Twitter:

- Medium:



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