ITAMCUBE Bridge Will Be Closed

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2 min readNov 7, 2022

Hello everyone! This is the ‘Fancy’est blockchain platform, FNCY

Today, we are dropping information related to the bridge service which will be the most asked question after the mainnet launch. That is the ITAMCUBE bridge is coming to an end in order for us to move to our new ecosystem, FNCY.

ITAMCUBE bridge will be closed:
Closed date: 2022.11.07. 07:00 am (UTC)

At the moment, CUBE is offering the bridge service between $ITAMCUBE(BSC) and $ITAMCUBE(ETH)

However we decided to stop the bridge service to prep a new start of FNCY.

From today on, you will find an announcement about the new bridge service in the near future and — in the new FNCY channels. Make sure to follow and subscribe to our official FNCY channels!

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FNCY strives for the realization of ‘Blockchain in Everyday Life’

We are creating a Web3 ecosystem where anyone can enjoy our service freely, without facing the hurdle of blockchain technology.

We are the true Web3 entertainment platform with all forms of entertainment such as games, web-toons, web-novels, and so on by developing scalable infrastructure through flexible and comfortable sidechain solutions.