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Lime Odyssey M INO Part.2

Dear Community

Thank you all for your participation, our first INO was a blockbuster, we sold out 2,000 packages in less than a minute. Thank you for your support again.

Please note that the limited amount on INO cannot be changed at this stage as the number of items in the INO is limited only for the pre-sale. As much as our team and developers want to make our members satisfied with the INO pre-sale, we cannot risk the overall balance of the game. Please stay with us for an exciting new RPG P2E adventure, Lime Odyssey M. Launching in late August.

Free to Play! Play to Earn! This is Lime Odyssey M! This is ITAM!

Please click the link below for game information.

#2 INO, NFT Items pre-sale event starts 4th August UTC 12:00. This will be another opportunity for kick-starting the game with superior game items!

INO (Pre-sales link) >

Fact checks

a. The exchange rate for USD 29.99 and ITAM will be snap-shot at 1 hour before the INO(Pre-sale). This price in ITAM will be notified using our official tweet 30 minutes before the start of INO.

b. INO will start 4th Aug this Wednesday UTC 12:00(KST 21:00, Manila 20:00 and Vietnam 19:00).

c. Lime Odyssey M is scheduled for release for play in the last week of August.

d. A wallet at a time can purchase only 1 package, this was the result of our governance vote. Please make sure to APPROVE the transaction then proceed to BUY transaction.

e. Pre-sale items can be traded if unused in-game, if package items are used (ie, equipped by the character) then the item cannot be traded. Simply put second-hand items are not to be traded. This is up for revision and update (by allowing second-hand items for resale).

f. NFT items picked up in-game can be traded at NFT.Farm.

g. We are going to feature extra services and different rewards during the game service. This will be notified in the community.

h. You can participate in INO(Pre-sale) using MetaMask and TokenPocket in both mobile and desktop environments. For Trustwallet, with Play Store Google version, you can log in to INO(Pre-sale) site by clicking dAPP tap and make the purchase.

i. Below are details of our #2 INO package composition.

- Below items comprises the #2 Package.

- Hero’s soul stone is spent in upgrading heroes. In the game, 50 stones will be spent to make a 2 Star hero.

- Karena’s soul stone is spent in upgrading Karena. In the game, 50 stones will be spent to make 2 Star Karena.

- Summon stone will be used in summoning the “Pet” for supporting the player.

- Mace of Lava, NFT item is given at 100% probability, but Gigant Destroyer is given at 10% probability, and the Destroyer is only acquirable at the INO only.



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