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“Lime Odyssey M” rebuilding and update direction

We’ll try our best to provide better service for our holders.

Dear community,
Currently, we are closely reviewing bug reports and suggestions from users. In conclusion, we are going to fix the bugs in Lime Odyssey M (hereafter LOM) and reset the server. Of course, used coupons will be reusable and In-app purchase will be refunded.

We plan to re-open on October 4th after optimization and service to ensure that there are no critical problems.
It’s more than 3 weeks from now and it was a tough decision for us as well. However, problems related login and account can lead to major security issues, and other issues such as server load would be difficult to solve in a short time.

Starting with the campaign (scenario mode) upon reopening, other content will be added every 1–2 weeks. Also, for those who participated in the pre-sale, we will be extra careful not to damage the value of NFT, and update the game in the following directions.

1. Expand use of ITAM/LimeM tokens (including LimeM Tokenomics)

In-game currency payment is a means for users to pay a certain fee and make the game easier. In addition, the in-app payment service functions to lower the entry barrier even for users who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Also, considering the importance of ITAM/LimeM token, NFT Farm will offer in-game items at a lower price than in-app purchases. We are also considering exclusive contents (e.g. limited edition Hanbok skins) that can only available on the NFT Farm platform.

2. Provides a favorable start for pre-sale buyers

Many users have expressed the opinion that fiat payment is bad for the blockchain game economy.
Unfortunately, LOM is released based on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so please understand that it is difficult to get rid of in-app purchases entirely.

However, we’d like to provide a favorable starting environment for pre-sale package buyers by reflecting the opinions of community users. After the game is released, we will operate a service that excludes in-app payment as much as possible until it is stabilized. Even if rubies are added in the future, we plan to add payment system as long as NFT and game balance are not collapsed.

3. Increase the value and use of NFT items

In previous version of LOM, there wasn’t major difference between NFT items and normal items. The NFT items obtained from INO pack should have been much more valuable than the normal items dropped in game.

Therefore, in order to increase the value of NFT items, we would like to make the following distinctions. NFT items in the game will have higher option stats compared to normal non-tradable items.

Through this, users can obtain additional benefits compared to normal items in enhancement, awakening, and option change. Due to the good options obtained through strengthening these items, the price of NFT items will be higher.

Finally, we will provide exclusive contents for NFT items. In addition to the previously planned NFT incineration Staking Pool, we plan to periodically add non-incinerated staking pools to keep NFT’s value. Through this, we plan to increase the use of NFT items and provide additional services in the blockchain other than in-game use.

4. Re-adjust item drop rate

In the previous version of LOM, there was a problem that high-rank items were dropped even on low stages, so all users could easily get high-rank items in short time. Not only was it not fair to INO participants, but it could also accelerate the speed of content consumption.

Therefore, we would like to readjust the item drop rate in LOM. High-rank items will be rearranged so that they can be dropped only at latter part of the campaign, and the game difficulty will also be reorganized in consideration of the item balance.

Also, to provide a fair game play environment for all users, we will re-open the game on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store at the same time.

Once again, we apologize for the unsatisfactory gaming experience. We will try hard to improve game services through close cooperation n with Tomcat. ITAM will actively update by reflecting the user opinions.
Thank you.



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