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Lime Odyssey M V1 NFT Marketplace Notice

Hello everyone! Today, we’ve got some important notices regarding Lime Odyssey M and its V1 NFT Marketplace.

Summary (Deadline: March 31, 2022–11:59pm UTC)

1️⃣ Be sure to swap ITAM → ITAMCUBE
2️⃣ Cancel all “Offers” & swap
3️⃣ Trade of Packages ❌ starting April
4️⃣ Pool will close & reopen as ITAMCUBE

▶️ Everything will continue to be offered at v1 for now. Complete migration to v2 will happen within April

As we’ve made notice of since February, we will no longer be supporting the ITAM token starting April of this year, and thus, all users need to swap to the $ITAMCUBE token by March 31, 2022 (11:59pm UTC).

Read more about this here:

As such, starting March 31, 2022 (11:59pm UTC), the NFT Marketplace for LOM will also no longer support the ITAM token. Therefore, all users must swap their ITAM tokens for $ITAMCUBE before the deadline! After the given date, you will see all items listed on the v1 marketplace as $ITAMCUBE token.

Accordingly, this means all items “offered” on the marketplace must also be cancelled and the ITAM tokens need to be swapped to $ITAMCUBE.

Moreover, pre-sale packages will no longer be available for trading. You will still be able to open the packages, but the act of trading the packages will be unavailable. Please be sure to cancel any packages you may have up for trades. *You may still open the packages and trade the item(s) after opening.

Lastly, the staking pools will also close and reopen as $ITAMCUBE pool (single staking). More updates regarding this will follow.

We would like to thank everyone for your love and support in ITAM Games and Lime Odyssey M, and further updates regarding V2 NFT Marketplace and other exciting news will come soon! Until then, stay safe! :)

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👉 LOM official Telegram:



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