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LOM officially launched at Google Play!

LOM has officially launched at Google Play!

Now, all Android users can freely download and play LOM directly from the store. PruneBomb Soft is thrilled to share the game with the public and will continue to go beyond your expectations. More exciting and grand contents updates are soon to arrive one by one, so hope you enjoy them as well!

[Download link]

For users who have already downloaded the app via an APK link at NFT.Farm, please delete the existing app and download a new version at GooglePlay. MAKE SURE to link your social account (either Google or FaceBook) to protect your game data before you delete.

After the release of APK download link at NFT.Farm, there has been some voices raised about why LOM does not currently have certain blockchain properties that maximizes user return. We have a clear and definite answer for that.

As many of the members who have been with us know already, ITAM is devoted to bringing DeFi to the gaming community, not the other way around. LOM is a project specifically partnered under this principle. It is most definitely not about making short-term profit, especially not for the developers, but about adding a layer of fun and value of token economy to the games that can last.

With a longer view, PruneBomb Soft will carefully and surely advance LOM towards a sustainable game economy where gamers can leisurely thrive and earn:

  1. P2E model / Earning Mechanism
  • Farm in-game NFT for sale at the market
  • Stake NFT to earn tokens
  • Receive playing reward according to progress (Coming Soon)

Playing rewards will be provided, along with a separate reward system at NFT.Farm where ITAM and LOM tokens can be competitively earned.

2. Game Difficulty Level

The level of difficulty is intentionally set higher than average not only to incentive INO participants, but also to prevent indiscriminate farming. For INO participants, they can reach Stage 3 relatively easy, but they are not overpowered to an extent that disrupts fairness. For users who have not made any purchase, they will need to invest some time and effort, but they will have the same chance to receive NFT items in game and proceed further in game.

3. Gold Supply

Since gold is a vital source in smoother player journey, Gold NFT will be dropped in game to balance off possible lack of the currency. Gold NFT can be used directly in game, or can be sent to NFT.Farm to be sold at the market.

4. NFT Balance

Specs for NFT items have been improved. This is to vitalize the market for both new users and INO participants by increasing the value of NFT items. If trades become more active, LOM can continuously support a virtuous cycle of NFT item trades.

Consider the just-released version as PHASE 1 for LOM. We are finalizing the update roadmap and will soon share them with the community. Now, it is your time to enjoy.

Become the legendary hero in this grand adventure at LOM.

Thank you.



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