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LOM staking pool release notice

As announced, NFT staking pool has opened today. Users can now stake Prunebomb NFT and earn LOM Token.

Unfortunately, approval for blockchain version of LOM has been deferred by Google Play Store because the app name overlaps with the existing LOM game. We have promptly filed an explanation for reevaluation, and will release an update as soon as we hear from them.

As compensation for the delay, we are giving away additional NFT to mine LOM tokens. Any user who has earned a coupon code from opening an INO pack can claim Prunebomb NFT at Mypage and stake it.

(Please note that once INO pack is opened, it cannot be traded.)

[ Staking Pool Information ]
1st INO : x10 multiplier [Unit sales: 2,000]
2nd INO : x8 multiplier [Unit sales: 2,000]
3rd INO : x6 multiplier [Unit sales: 2,000]
4th INO ($9.99) : x40 (78000/2000) x1 multiplier [Unit sales: 78,000]
4th INO ($4.99) : x8 (16000/2000) x0.5 multiplier [Unit sales: 16,000]

#Block Number
Start: [11478475]
End: [12342475]

The APR of each pool can be changed depending on the number of NFTs staked.

The mining pools will last for one month, and staked Prunebomb NFT will be burned at the end. Please note that users can claim earned LOM token anytime without having to wait a full month.

We are going to update single staking pools for ITAM and LOM soon, along with BNB fair pool at NFT farm. Thank you.



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