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Major updates on LOM : Extend Your Experience with ITAM

Dear Community,

Today, we would like to share the most recent updates on Lime Odyssey M (LOM, hereon). Major changes have been made both internally and externally, so please take time to read through.

To provide some background, LOM was developed by Tomcat, a game studio in Korea. On our last launch, we experienced some hurdles in collaborating with Tomcat, especially in terms of service stability and strengthening NFT-oriented game play. ITAM and Tomcat have discussed in great detail how to permanently avoid the same issues, while building a sustainable game ecosystem.

As a result, we have decided to let our core value be the deciding factor, which is to provide the most robust game service for blockchain gamers. By mutual agreement, ITAM has made a bold decision to manage blockchain features of LOM separately from the original game. Management authority for a blockchain version of LOM has now entirely been transferred to Prunebomb Soft, which will serve to support and advance game operations solely to bring true NFT experience.

Prunebomb Soft is a company founded by a group of veterans in blockchain game development. They have the necessary experience and knowledge in realizing authentic P2E mechanics for blockchain games, and are ready to deliver their expertise to LOM users. Deeply impressed with their enthusiasm and professionalism, ITAM decided to invest in Prunebomb Soft and entrust with LOM management authority.

All three companies have reviewed legal issues together and have finalized the contract today. As we are promptly preparing for the relaunch of LOM, we need to renew our publishing approval for Google Play Store and Apple App Store according to the latest legislative changes. As the case stands, we would like to notify in advance that there may be a slight change in the relaunch date.

To share more details on our status, LOM is currently undergoing Google Play Store’s evaluation after successfully registering its developer account. For App Store, we have applied for a unique DUNS number to complete registering a developer account. We will then proceed to app evaluation stage for App Store that will take a few additional days.

Even if the relaunch date may be postponed, LOM token (LimeM token is now called LOM) earning will properly begin on October 4th as announced. For anyone who has participated in the presale will receive NFT by Prunebomb Soft, with which tokens can be earned (trading is not allowed). Please refer to the following information for token use cases and staking pool operational plan.

Token use cases:

  • ITAM: governance, presale participation, rubies and limited packages, soul stone purchase
  • LOM: character skin, dungeon token, in-game currencies such as enhancement stone
  • As more in-game use cases are added, ITAM and LOM values will continue to rise in parallel

Staking pool operational plan:

  • Subject: users with coupon codes earned from INO presale packs
  • Payment details: for each coupon code, 1 Prunebomb Soft NFT (claim at NFT Farm > My Page within one month from October 4th)
  • Use method: INO Part.1 / Part.2 / Part.3 / Part.4 Type A / Part.4 Type B staking pools will be created where LOM token can be earned for one month period. Staked NFT will be burned after completion.
  • Regardless of receiving Prunebomb NFT, coupons can be reused after the relaunch of the game
  • After the staking pool period, Prunebomb NFT will not continue service at NFT Farm
  • ITAM token staking pool for earning LOM token will open in the future

ITAM and Prunebomb Soft will work in close collaboration to establish Play-to-Earn model with Lime Odyssey M with ITAM. As a matter of principle, ITAM will always choose sustainability over short-term profitability or popularity.

Thank you.



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