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3 min readOct 20, 2022

Hello, this is the ‘Fancy’est blockchain platform, FNCY.

The popularity of Korean content is reaching a new height each year. Korean content has become a worldwide phenomenon, influencing global trends from series and movies, to music and idol groups. Take for example Squid Game, Parasite, BTS, and Black Pink!

What if there was a way to see K-content in a special and unique way unlike before?

With the K-entertainment within the ‘Fancy’est blockchain, FNCY, you will be able to collect unique pieces of your favorite artists, and the special benefits of your collection translates into real life.

In today’s post, we are going to show you a glimpse into one of the many entertainment soon to be on-boarded on the FNCY mainnet, K-POP.


The Korean entertainment industry, which is expanding in global popularity every year, is also starting to see the effects of the Web3 wave. Ever-expanding business opportunities will be at our fingertips once the powerful IP of artists and blockchain technology come together.

TAEWON Entertainment, one of the top 3 Korean entertainment companies, is the management company behind the new and fanciest K-Pop girl group, “IRRIS.”


IRRIS is the first K-pop girl group introduced to the world by TAEWON Entertainment. And trust us when we say, this is a big one.

The name “IRRIS” originates from the Greek word, “Ἶρις,” which has the meaning of Goddesses shining with their inner souls. IRRIS, which contains the aspiration to emit infinite light based on the symbol of connection with the soul, freedom, and liberation, is a ‘Prism Girl Group’ that will shed new light on the world based on their identity of unique visuals and messages.

It’s crystal clear why TAEWON Entertainment chose FNCY. They wanted IRRIS to play in a bigger playground; the playground of Web 3. FNCY plays the role of mediating the relationship between the artist and the fan in a FANCY way without the boundaries between reality and Web3!

About TAEWON Entertainment

TAEWON Entertainment, founded in 1995, is one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea. They have been leading the global Korean wave by globally distributing various genres of entertainment and unique materials for over 30 years.

The company’s global success includes the films <Operation Chromite> and <71: Into the Fire>, which presented a new paradigm of Korean war movies, and the Korean series <Iris> and <Criminal Minds>, which expanded the Korean Wave from Asia to the entire globe.

<Iris>, starring the Hollywood actor Byung Hun Lee, was especially praised globally, making history in the blockbuster spy genre.

Mega Content is Coming

We are making our way to complete ‘The True Web 3 Entertainment Platform’ through the FNCY mainnet, and K-POP is going to be the first content that FNCY introduces to the world.

Today, we showed just one card out of our entire deck. There’s still so many cards that are waiting to be flipped.

Please look forward to seeing what kind of entertainment will further be on-boarded on the FNCY mainnet.

Thank you.

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