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METAVERSE WORLD Becomes a Member of BGA

Nothing is more important than having a great network among all the services within the blockchain industry, and interoperability to grow the blockchain industry. This is why METAVERSE WORLD joined the Blockchain Game Alliance(BGA) — to raise individual and industrial awareness of the blockchain gaming industry.

About BGA

Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) was founded to realize further advancement of the blockchain gaming industry by collecting a diverse group of projects to work together towards a common goal.

To do so, BGA provides the chance for appropriate businesses and strong crypto communities to connect and communicate. Also, BGA creates and distributes actionable standards and best practices that can help break through hurdles that the industry leaders may face.

Collaboration with notable partners in the industry, as well as sharing knowledge and insights from the successful cases of similar projects will serve as a valuable stepping stone for METAVERSE WORLD.

BGA Platform for Discussion and Engagement

Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) primarily serves as an open environment for collaboration and networking. Through regular public/private forums, members can propose ideas to innovate blockchain technology, share opinions on the current market, and ultimately strive to build the backbone for the many years to come.

Advance Public Understanding

As a group of experts in the field of blockchain, BGA communicates with the crypto community to help users better understand the Play-to-Earn ecosystem and sympathize with the decisions that each project makes. In the long run, such continuous effort will build public trust and understanding, while appealing to the mass and traditional gamers.


The board members of BGA are: Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, SKy Mavis, Everdreamsoft, Ultra, YGG, Unisoft, ConSensys, Bitcraft, Delphi Digital, Enjin and the key members are: AMD, Polygon, MOBOX, Binance NFT, Galaxy Interactive, Gameloft and more.

METAVERSE WORLD joined BGA under a Gold Membership, and we will contribute to the valuable network and help form industry standards with our fellow members.

Thank you for your support.



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