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METAVERSE World joining Metaverse Standards Forum

Hello, Cubers 😊

When the market is still working its way up, the CUBE team has been actively taking this chance to expand our network and find valuable partners for the future.


METAVERSE World, the operating entity of CUBE, has joined Metaverse Standards Forum to foster interoperability.

As “Metaverse” continues to gain global traction and more utilities are being introduced everyday, this cannot be a more timely and appropriate moment to join Metaverse Standards Forum for us to take part in the future wagon. The official members of Metaverse Standards Forum are industry leaders that have joined forces to create industry standards: To build an open, inclusive and ubiquitous metaverse.

Global tech companies, including Meta(formerly, Facebook), Microsoft, Huawei, Adobe, and Nvidia, are already the part of the forum. A regular forum will be held in July to devise ways to ignite the discussion about open standards.

Global Tech companies

We believe that the success of metaverse will depend on realizing interoperability, meaning seamless connection and compatibility among different metaverses. This is where we have deeply sympathized with the Forum’s vision that early key players must come together to create links and networks, while creating standards to not only avoid monopolization, but also to foster borderless creativity. Also, users can enjoy all the contents made by various platforms and choose different utility tools based on their individual needs.

Our goal here is to offer as valuable and rich experience as possible for users who will be living in the metaverse. Through the Metaverse Standards Forum, we will continue to develop and distribute metaverse terminology and guidelines to accelerate the introduction of prototypes and standards through action-based projects.

Director of Business Development of METAVERSE World Kim Joo Han mentioned that the destination of all the Blockchain gaming will come to ‘Metaverse’ in the end. He added “The number of digital contents that users can enjoy with their avatar in the digital world is the key to gain loyal users. One source, One use will not be able to survive the imminent future.”.

He also highlighted that “interconnectivity among various contents within the metaverse ecosystem is the key to mass adoption. Sharing visions of building a ubiquitous metaverse ecosystem with global tech leaders is the very first step to collaborative success.”

Will the future of the metaverse be visually or physically so vivid that you cannot tell if it’s real or meta-real? We should be finding out very soon.

We will be back with equally promising news.

Thank you.



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