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NEW CUBE Pool to replace OLD Pair Pool

Hello Cubers!

We have some important news about our newly opening staking features. Please keep a close eye on the details below to take part in a limited staking pool!

We have opened GBC <> CUBE LP Pool where users have staked liquidity for the pair in return for 200,000 GBC over a one month period. We have realized the increased outflow of GBC has negatively affected the price of GBC. This means that even if we have allocated a large amount of GBC to be earned through the pool, the actual return is decreasing day by day.

We have decided to seriously address such a phenomenon to find a fair baseline for GBC, while maintaining a healthy economy in the long run. At 8/5 7AM UTC, we will be closing the current pool early tomorrow at 8/5 7AM UTC, and instead open a new pool with alternative rewards that are relatively more stable & ecosystem-friendly.

At 8/5 7AM UTC, we will be opening a whole new pool where users can stake LP tokens with 45 days lock-up period in return for CUBE tokens.

We wanted to take this event as a chance to not only protect the price of GBC, but also give additional benefits to Golden Bros players beyond the GBC economy. Please note that this is the first of many pools that we will open regularly to continuously provide our users a chance to earn extra CUBE tokens with GBC.

For anyone who have the pair staked, please make sure to harvest your principal and reward. The pool will be closed, but you will still be able to withdraw any asset you have staked or earned from the pool.

Please follow the guideline here to unstake:

Thank you for your interest and support!



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