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New Presale NFT Supply

Only 100,000 NFTs now available before Early Access

Dear CUBERs & Bros,

It was an incredible pleasure to share the excitement over the past week!

The First drop of Gregory Mystery Box was dramatic and we are excited for the lucky ones who have become the first batch of the Founding Bros!
With the success, we wanted to share some major changes in the NFT presale schedule to even better satisfy our future users and bring more value to Early Access participants.

Let me get right to the point.

We will reduce the number of NFTs available before Early Access from 300K to 100K.

We believe there must be a MAX CAP to total number of NFTs, just like any tokens.

There has been some misconception that 300K is only for presale and more would be sold afterwards. Even from the very first announcement, we have made it very clear that 300K NFTs are all that will ever be available for Golden Bros. The core idea of this structure is to create an ecosystem where NFT values are preserved and token mining activities are not abused.

And we have heard your voices. Our core purpose is to create a sustainable P2E ecosystem, not to release more NFTs to the public as shown above. We have decided to keep the max number of NFTs that will ever be minted, while reducing the Presale supply by 1/3. This decision does not change any of the values we uphold, but rather empowers our original plan to better satisfy both ends in terms of the following 3 factors.

(1) Preserve NFT rarity

There is no change to our belief and simulation results that limiting NFT supply is the most organic way to preserve the value of each NFTs minted. We strongly believe that by reducing the initial supply to 100K, the NFTs can find their true value in the market during Early Access. This will create a more straightforward and virtuous cycle of NFT supply and demand, positively reinforcing both our Early Access participants and future users.

(2) Higher value for Early Access participants

Where ONLY 100K NFTs available during Early Access, there will be even more exclusive user pool who can earn from the same amount of prize pool. While this does not affect the entire tokenomics since the total reward amount will be the same, Early Access participants will each be able to take a bigger pie.

Both Netmarble team and ITAM CUBE team have decided to value the early investors first as we create an ecosystem where those investors can help onboard new users at Grand Launch.

(3) Balance initial tokenomics

Tokenomics is a broad term, from release schedule to utility in and out of game. What is as important as initial settings is TIME for it to find balance and stability. After simulating price projections based on 100K initial NFT supply, we have found more room for the market to naturally adjust our tokenomics when GBC releases to the public.

Also, with even more utility offered at Grand Launch, the smaller initial user pool can translate even more value to the general public with continuous reinvestments.

The Second drop of GB Jennifer Mystery Box, which is only an hour away! Now these NFTs are one of the fewer that will be available since we have reduced the initial circulating NFT supply by 1/3.

GB Jennifer Mystery Box


Thank you,




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