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NFT Farm Event

ITAM launched beta service after NFT FARM Alpha service which is digital asset exchange of ITAM games..

The ‘NFT FARM’ service is the backbone of the unique digital assets, including games, within the ITAM ecosystem.

The Alpha version of NFT FARM has been developed since January 2020 with the “Princess Dungeon: Infinity” service.

In about six months, ten thousands of “Princess Dungeon: Infinity” items have been issued without any missing through NFT. We complete successful alpha test.

The current NFT FARM service has been developed in a hybrid way with the benefits of EOS and ETH.

This hybrid approach supports a wide range of usability, including PayPal payments, the use of ITAM TOKEN, and the DAI of MAKERDAO.

We will offer 800ITAM token to 20 ITAM users to use NFT farm service.

Join NFT farm (

Sign up and login is simple through the Login button. service supports social Login.

To participate in this event, we recommend Facebook for iPhone and Google for Android.

Creat NFT farm ITAM wallet

After Log in, You can easily creat a deposit address at the ITAM games in wallet.

Install Dungeon Princess infinity


Apple Appstore

*Dungeon Princess currently supports NFT farm only in English version.

NFT farm can be linked through ICON on Dungeon Princess main screen.

How to change the tradable mode of ITAM

In order to register transactions in NFT farm you need to set the rights to be available in the game.

After update tradeable function at Dungeon Princess you can trade items on NFT farm.




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