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NFT Farming Pool Release Notice (2nd round)

We’d like to inform you that new NFT farming pool will open.

Existing NFT farming pool has closed, you can claim rewards at Stake — Finished tab.

Stake SS to C Rank NFT equipment and earn LOM tokens, running for 10 days. Staking slots and multipliers by rank remain the same as before.


Starting Time:

End Time:

**** Staking will become available at** ******

[Pool Details]

C Rank Pool[x55]: 20,000 NFT staking slots

B Rank Pool[x66]: 10,000 NFT staking slots

A Rank Pool[x77]: 5,000 NFT staking slots

S Rank Pool[x88]: 2,500 NFT stakings slots

SS Rank Pool[x99]: 125 NFT staking slots

As a result of our recent governance vote, the amount of mining per block of LOM tokens has been reduced to 2 per block. Please note that this adjustment will affect the mining amount.

You can check voting details here:

Thank you.

ITAM team




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