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Notice for LOM development progress (2)

Dear community,
We’d like to share the game development progress this week.

1. Overall
- Client structure development is completed.
- Modifying client-server communication.

2. Scenario Mode (Campaign)
- Automating skill use and boss room entry.
- Release up to stage 8 on Oct 4th, later stages will be added gradually.
- Gold and item balance adjustment.

3. Energy System (Dungeon Token)
- Dungeon tokens are recharged by one per hour. (Recharging time may change later)
- Changed to consume 1 token when entering the stage. (Previously deducted when entering the boss room)
- Rewards can only be gained by defeating the boss. (Previously, endless farming was possible in one stage)

4. Reorganizing Item Structure
- Disassemble equipment to get gold and material items.
- UI change to check the NFT status in the inventory.
- NFT items are automatically excluded if you select ‘Disassemble All’

5. Additional stat to NFT items
- Add ‘Mining stat’ to NFT items, it’ll be a random number based on item rank.
- The higher mining stat, the more tokens can be earned from the staking pool.
- The more difficult the stage, the higher the mining stat item appears.
- Depending on the difficulty level of the stage, drop NFT items for staking only.

6. Use of Tokens (To be updated later)
- Ruby and soul stones to summon heros can be purchased with ITAM.
- Dungeon tokens, reinforcement stones and character skins can be purchased with LimeM.
- Considering more in-game uses, such as reinforce equipment.

7. Future Roadmap
- 1st priority : Playing reward upon competition element.
- Restructuring pet system from the bottom.

Please note that the above are subject to change when there’s better alternative.
In addition, we have contacted Google help center for process batch refund. Sorry for the inconvenience, please wait a little bit.
ITAM team will keep trying to make a better game service.
Thank you.



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