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Notice for LOM development progress

Dear community,

All the developers are working day and night, gave up all the holidays and weekends. We will share some game development progress so far.

  1. The game server and database are being rebuilding, login and security issue will not occur again.
  2. In order to keep the promise, campaign mode and skill system will be opened first on October 4th.
  3. Other contents such as collection and pet system, will be updated step by step to redefine the P2E model from the ground to suit the blockchain game.
  4. Re-organizing item structure and drop rate in scenario mode.
  5. Option stats of NFT items will be definitely higher than normal items.
  6. Add more contents that can utilize NFT items to increase the value of it.

We will keep trying to meet our users’ expectation. Thank you very much.




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