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Notice for LOM-to-DungeonToken Farming Pool

The mission of GameFi is to create an organic environment where game currency and assets interact coherently. What use is powering games with blockchain if the two are not mutually beneficial? We hear your voices and believe in the same way.

Our first step was to open NFT Farming Pool (Burn NFT , Earn TOKEN) & Token Staking Pool (Stake TOKEN, Earn TOKEN). Now, we are taking the next step forward!

By staking your [LOM Token], you will be earning [Dungeon Keys] STARTING NOW.

This will create a virtuous cycle between the currency and asset, letting the valuation be determined by nature. At the same time, it will tighten the relationship between LOM Token and game play.

A few notes you must remember is that (1) number of dungeon keys you will receive varies according to the amount of token staked, (2) dungeon keys can be used in-game. Trading may become available after gas fees and other technical issues are resolved in a creative manner.

Dungeon keys will be available for harvest after the update scheduled for next week on Options Book. This means that you will not be able to harvest the dungeon keys earned and send them to game for roughly a week. Yet, you may withdraw staked LOM Tokens anytime beforehand


  1. Go to > Click [Stake] menu > Click [NFT farm] tab
  2. Click [Stake] and confirm the amount of LOM Token you wish to stake
  3. You can click [Claim] to receive earned dungeon keys anytime
  4. Go to [Mypage] menu > Click [Shop Item] tab > Click [Send to game] if you wish to use the dungeon keys in-game
  5. Login to the game > Go to [Inbox] > Click [Claim all] to receive the dungeon keys you have just sent from ITAM.Games
  • Dungeon keys will stack beyond limit, so no need to worrying about losing any key by claiming
  • Even if you level up, total number of dungeon keys over limit will NOT be reset to 15
  • As all pools are, earning dungeon keys will take time. Please refer to the example below for specifics.


( Case 1 ) 500 LOM Tokens staked → 1 dungeon key every 24 hours

( Case 2 ) 1,000 LOM Tokens staked → 1 dungeon key every 12 hours

( Case 3 ) 12,000 LOM Tokens staked → 1 dungeon key every 1 hour

( Case 4 ) 200,000 LOM Tokens staked → 1 dungeon key every 3.6 minutes


This is only the first step for LOM Token use cases. Without doubt, LOM is the main in-game currency behind the growth process of your heroes and mercenaries. Thank you all for waiting patiently and hope you are excited for the upcoming game update as well!

We are here to make your gaming and earning experience as cohesive as possible.

Good luck heroes!

Thank you.




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