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Notice for NFT Farming Pool

We’d like to inform you that 3rd NFT farming pool will open.

Existing NFT farming pool has closed, you can claim rewards at Stake — Finished tab.

Stake SS to C Rank NFT equipment and earn LOM tokens, running for 10 days. Multipliers by rank remain the same as before, but staking slot has decreased to one-fifth. The last governance vote reduced the issuance of LOM tokens, but since the total amount of staking was limited, the amount of token mining allocated per NFT will remain at a certain level.


Starting Time:

End Time:

**** Staking will become available at** ******

[Pool Details]

C Rank Pool[x55]: 4,000 NFT staking slots

B Rank Pool[x66]: 2,000 NFT staking slots

A Rank Pool[x77]: 1,000 NFT staking slots

S Rank Pool[x88]: 500 NFT stakings slots

SS Rank Pool[x99]: 25 NFT staking slots

We will keep thinking about how we can benefit the ITAM holders and LOM users.

Thank you.

ITAM team




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