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[Notice] Golden Bros Grand Launch Postponed

Hello all Golden Bros players!

First and foremost, we would like to deliver a news that may come as a surprise for many of our fellow players. The originally announced Grand Launch of Golden Bros that was set for end-of-May will be postponed by 2 months.

The Grand Launch schedule has been adjusted from end-of-May to July 2022.

The decision to postpone the launch was due to a few different reasons. Mainly, the crypto market has recently been in a highly unstable state. Golden Bros and CUBE teams have come to the conclusion that maintaining the initial schedule and specifications would carry high risk for the game itself, as well as our valued users that own GB NFTs.

Thus, we have and are deeply contemplating the direction in which both the game and the users can benefit the most. Within the additional time given to us, we will make consistent updates to the game play, while improving the token balance.

Before moving on, we’d like to answer the burning question that everyone’s having regarding the “Infinite Durability Benefit of Early Access.” Rest assured, we will continue Early Access Benefit throughout the additional 2 months.

In June, we will make improvements on user experience. This means that various bugs and issues that users have been facing, such as blackouts/green screens and transfer errors, will be mended.

Moreover, several contents such as “equipment,” “action parts,” and “collection cards” will be sequentially introduced, along with the addition of 10 global languages by late-July in Grand Launch. And amongst these many contents, the “collection cards” will become the only way to mine even further GBC, and it will be linked with the NFT Costume, further improving the ROI.

And perhaps most importantly, we will be continuously balancing out the mining structure to ensure the value of users’ NFTs.

And it doesn’t end there!

There are MORE COMING. As mentioned before, we seek diverse ways to maintain a healthy ecosystem and preserve the value of NFTs.

Golden Bros will be as prepared and complete as it can be by the new Grand Launch date!

Please look at this extended period as time to fix what’s needed to be fixed, and improve what needs to be improved. As our players are aware, Golden Bros is the most valuable and symbolic game for both CUBE and Netmarble. Quality is of utmost importance to us, and we are here to achieve it within the 2 months time frame.

We sincerely thank everyone for their understanding and patience. We shall return with further updates and bearing good news soon.

May GameFi thrive again after this short winter ahead of us.

Thank you!



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