Our Past, Our Future

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2 min readOct 4, 2022

Every mile would be worthwhile

Hello Cubers. This is METAVERSE World.

We have come so far accomplishing business goals over the course of past years. Reflecting back, the first thing that comes to our mind is a regret that things we could have done differently.

We blame ourselves, not an ever-changing world. Because it was our attitude that we overlooked before. We regret that what if we had different ‘attitude’. An attitude to put priority on having a consistent vision, rather than on accomplishing goals. An attitude to put priority on fixing the root,
rather than trimming the leaves.

However, every step we took was what got us this far and we have so many dreams to reach for.

The era is changing, and so we are.

We have dismantled the basics and put them together once again
like a watchmaker repairing an old watch.

We have a number of updates that are thoroughly reviewed.

No matter how unexpected issues may rise, we will be prepared to turn them into riped fruits.

Ahead of the new era, we are marching towards the destination.

New ways to dream.

New beginning awaits at the end of 2022.

Last 5 years of work that we have put into trying to be the leader of Web 3 Entertainment, will manifest in the form of a mainnet for which everyone hopes along with our new name.

From today on, our plans for the future will be revealed one by one.
In the next post, we will share an interview with our global No.1 partner who has been the foundation of the affluent mainnet.

Buckle up everyone.
We are ready for takeoff.
We will see you on the brightest star.