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4 min readOct 25, 2022

Sports is the most fan-intensive industry of all.

People get involved deeply by watching their star player becoming the player of the year, by watching the incredible journey of the team, and by consuming all the mediums of sports that one loves.

Communication through the combination of blockchain technology and metaverse has become a new trend within the sport industry.

To feel the heat of Yankee Stadium as if you are there or the tension in the locker room as if you are the player, these are all possible with virtual reality. Not only experience of virtual reality, but also real impact you can make on your favorite team and player by purchasing their NFT will be a mind blowing experience.

The harmony of the sport and metaverse is the strong catalyst for boosting the industry by multiple.

The ‘fancy’est blockchain platform, FNCY signed MOU with Incheon United FC, the Korea’s representative civic team with a 20-year tradition and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, Asia №1 soccer team on creating new virtual entertainments.

What Does FNCY Do?

According to the MOUs, Incheon United FC and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors can offer new digital contents of metaverse to K-League fans.

NFT of the favorite player, of team uniform, of the team emblem,

All the IP that the team and the player owns can turn into something different in the FNCY’s metaverse. Fans and their team and players may interact with each other like never done before through the virtual universe.

Not only K-league teams, but also teams and players from the world have reached out to FNCY for cooperation. Starting from MOUs in Korea, FNCY will bring more value to all the sport fans over the world for them to enjoy their favorite sports in the virtual world.

What About Korea Top-tier Soccer Team

Incheon United FC

Incheon United FC is a professional soccer team of K-League 1, based in Incheon, Korea. As the only citizen club that has not experienced relegation to the 2nd league, it came in second place in the league championship in 2005 and the FA Cup runner-up in 2015 with the great teamwork of veterans and talented rookies. They impress their fans with their unique playstyle and great mindset.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

Based in Jeonbuk, South Korea, it is a prestigious soccer club representing Asia, having won the Asian Champions League twice, including the most wins in K-League-1(9 times) and the FA Cup 4 times.

Many legendary players are from the team, and currently, including Baek Seung-ho (MF) from Barcelona youth, Song Bum-geun (GK), Kim Moon-hwan, Kim Jin-su (or more DF), Kim Jin-gyu, Song Min-gyu (or more MF), and Jo Kyu-seong (FW) are active in the Korean national team are doing

They tend to play an offensive play style, even their catchphrase ‘Dak Gong’ proves their style(‘Dak Gong’ means shut up and attack)

Where We Should Go

The metaverse, which allows us to experience a fascinating virtual world beyond reality, will be one of our daily lives in the near future. And in there, FNCY will exist as the most powerful Web3 platform.

Next time, we will introduce the first game that FNCY will launch for the World Cup.

Thank you.

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