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[Recap] CUBE & Golden Bros AMA w/ BNB Chain

Hello all bros! With the Early Access launch of Gold Bros upon us, we’re thrilled to share with y’all some updated info regarding GB! 😎

This post has been adapted from the recent BNB Chain AMA that took place on March 22, 2022 on the BNB Chain Community Telegram group.

Golden Bros is a 3v3 battle royale game developed by Netmarble F&C and published by Netmarble. A lot of heavy gamers should be familiar with Netmarble, which is the 8th largest game publisher in the world! Golden Bros is Netmarble’s first official appearance in the crypto scene and we’ve specifically chosen BNB Chain to bring all the goodies this BNB Chain has to offer.

The game will be serviced both on mobile and PC, and has been built on the Unreal Engine for the past 2 years. It’ll be available for Early Access, exclusive for presale participants, on April 28!

This is the first of many Netmarble games we will support and you can look forward to globally successful lineups and IPs including Yokai: Dual, Meta Football, Meta Tennis, Meta Baseball, The Seven Deadly Sings: Origin, Arthdal Chronicles, Overprime, Grand Cross W, and Grand Cross S.

Here’s the thing, majority of crypto games today are just not fun to play. It’s plain and simple. Compared to traditional games, crypto games are merely treated as a way to earn money and the entertainment nature is almost non-existent. We’re here to change that.

How do we exactly plan to accomplish this? We’re going back to the basics of Play-to-Earn:

(1) Build a game that’s actually fun and one that you’d want to play even without the added crypto element.

Netmarble is a massive game developer and studio, producing AAA-level games. We’ve got the expertise and skills, and proved over and over again that we know how to make hit games. This plus the blockchain capabilities of CUBE will revolutionize the industry.

(2) Make the reward mechanism organically profitable based on PvP results

We’ve integrated GBC tokens to reward players from each battle. The reward mechanism is very transparent, so anyone can easily calculate how much they’d earn from their NFT investments.

At the end of the day, we’re trying to attract real gamers and provide a profitable solution to players that actually have fun playing the game. That’s the answer to longevity. Moreso Play-AND-Earn over Play-TO-Earn.

Okay then! Let’s now get into the questions!


A. Great question. So earlier this month, we announced the rebranding of ITAM CUBE to CUBE. To be clear, ITAM CUBE was our previous project name, and the new name that we’ve rebranded to is CUBE. Moreover, $ITAMCUBE, the governance/utility token of CUBE that’ll be utilized in gamified DeFi services to encourage fair and financial rewards, still remains as our token ticker.

Furthermore, our new P2E launcher platform is also known as “CUBE.”

This platform is where users can not only download P2E games we offer, but also various other entertainment content, such as webtoons, web novels, NFT shop, guilds, and more!

You can read more about the rebranding of CUBE here:

A. Most definitely! Connecting players and games within a sustainable economy has always been the core of our history. With Netmarble F&C’s valuable insight and technology, we bring the infrastructure to support the best of both traditional and blockchain gaming industry.

With a one-time installation of CUBE, players will be able to enjoy all P2E has to offer within a single platform; it’ll change the paradigm with player-friendly features that are specifically optimized for cryptogames.

CUBE and its built-in CUBE Wallet will connect users’ fragmented assets and experience into one space, while continuously being updated with the latest features such as scholarship management solution. The three big pillars to CUBE: Games, Community, and Blockchain.

With the Games side, there’s a Cross-Play Game Launcher wherein users can download CUBE to begin their journey as a P2E player, regardless of device type (mobile, PC, Laptop). There’s also scholarship programs, as well as an NFT shop.

Community is essential when it comes to games and blockchain projects. Users will be able to socialize with their friends and have guilds, a feature for auto-translation will be implemented that’ll connect all edges of the world into a single platform, and live streaming will be available for further community activity and content creation.

And of course, this’ll all take place on the blockchain. A built-in wallet, NFT marketplace, DeFi, and DEX will provide seamless usability for all users.

Details of CUBE & CUBE Wallet can be found on our website and whitepaper: 👉

A. To answer your question right off the bat, the purpose of NFT Costumes on Golden Bros is for users to Play-to-Earn! But there’s so much more to it than that.

Although Golden Bros is a Free-to-Play game, the Play-to-Earn element comes into scene with the equipping of NFT Costumes. And depending on the NFT costume, aka its costume grade, the return will vary, in terms of eGBP during Early Access and GBC upon Grand Launch.

Here’s a trailer for GB:

Moreover, in order to avoid abusive activities of non-players and to regulate the internal economy of GBC, the in-game token of Golden Bros, we have a limited set supply of our NFTs. What this means is that, similar to tokens, we have a set Total Supply & Initial Supply of our GB NFTs.

The return players make will mainly depend on 3 factors: Win/Loss Status, Costume Grade, and League Tier. For example, if you are wearing Premium costume, which has a win bonus multiplier of x4.33, and are in Tier 3, you will receive 12.99 eGBP (early access) when you win the battle.

You can read more about GBC and NFT Costume here:

A. Here’s the juicy stuff! These limited NFTs have sold out in the previous two presale rounds, and the next batch of NFT presale is starting very soon! The next round will begin on April 25th on BinanceNFT, and 10k will be available for sale this day.

If you were unable to purchase on that day, no need to fret! Another round will begin on the 27th with 20k availability. And finally, another 50k will be available for purchase from CUBE starting April 28th.

For more info regarding the presale, please refer to the Golden Bros INO page:

A. Great question! Early Access of Golden Bros will begin on April 28th and will last for 4 weeks. During Early Access, users will need to send their NFT Costume into the game via the CUBE platform. Then, they will receive it in their in-game inbox and will be able to use it right away!

Here’s some details about the GB NFT Costumes presale and Early Access launch here:

After equipping the NFT Costume, players will be rewarded with eGBP (Early Access Exclusive Points) for every single battle they join. This point will only be given out during Early Access. And remember, there’s infinite durability during Early Access!

And at Grand Launch, only players with eGBP will be able to receive GBC (Golden Bros token) according to the amount of eGBP they have earned during Early Access. In other words, only Early Access participants will have this chance to get their first hands on GBC. The Grand Launch of Golden Bros will come 4 weeks after Early Access.

You can find the website for Golden Bros and the whitepaper here:

A. YES! Currently we have a Daily Check-In event ongoing for CUBE, where if you download the CUBE platform and check-in, you can be rewarded with up to $200 worth of GB items!

The event lasts for 7 days, and details of this event can be found here:

Also, we’ve got a GLEAM event with BinanceNFT. Depending on the quests you accomplish, you’ll earn points that will contribute to a raffle of Golden Bros NFT!

A. What’s ahead is hard to answer right now, but what I can say is there’s SO MUCH MORE COMING. Golden Bros is just the start, and there’s numerous other games lined up for release. Here’s a sneak peak:

And as mentioned before, it’s not ONLY games, but also various other content that’s coming! From art to webcomics, music to videos, CUBE is optimized for both gamers and game developers, content creators and content-consumers alike. With a wide portfolio ready, we aim to create a single platform where virtual entertainment translates to true pleasure and value.

And now, for the user-asked questions!

Earlier in February, we announced our partnership with Binance! Hope this answers the question! :) 👉

When the game officially launches, the Costume NFTs will have limited durability. This means that users can only use the NFT for P2E for a limited time (recharge is also included). However, during the Early Access period, the durability of the Costume NFT will be unlimited! This is a major plus of Early Access participants.

Moreover, the only requirement to participate is to have a Costume NFT to play :)

You can read more about the early access benefits from the link below:

The CUBE platform has launched and is available for download right now! There’s also an ongoing event for new users! 👉

Unfortunately, we currently only support Windows for CUBE, but a Mac version will come later down the road! Also, the CUBE Wallet will be coming out very soon for both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, Golden Bros the game will be launching on CUBE (PC) and iOS/Android.

Our GB Sugar Sugar Mystery Box BinanceNFT sale will begin on April 25th 11:00 AM(UTC)!


Please participate in our Gleam Event with BinanceNFT as well!



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