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[Recap] CUBE & Golden Bros AMA w/ BNB Chain Philippines

Greetings everyone! We sincerely hope everyone is enjoying Golden Bros Early Access! With GB Early Access ongoing for a few weeks now, we held another AMA with BNB Chain, and will be sharing with you the conversation we had in last week’s session! 😎

This post has been adapted from the recent BNB Chain AMA that took place on March 22, 2022 on the BNB Chain Community Telegram group.

Here’s a quick introduction of Golden Bros for those unfamiliar

GOLDEN BROS is a real-time 3v3 P2E battle royale game that has been developed by Netmarble F&C for the past 2 years, and will be serviced both on mobile and PC, and published by Netmarble.

Netmarble is the 8th largest mobile game publisher in the world with over 20K employees, and we’re enthused to make our first appearance in the crypto scene with Golden Bros! Established in 2000, we have globally successful lineups and IPs including Seven Knights 2, MARVEL Future Revolution, BTS World, Lineage 2: Revolution, and The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

Based on our expertise in game development and METAVERSE World’s technological support, Golden Bros is designed to be genuinely fun and organically profitable.

Read more about Golden Bros 👉


1. Let’s jump right into the questions. What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Here’s the thing, majority of crypto games today are just not fun to play. It’s plain and simple. Compared to traditional games, crypto games are merely treated as a way to earn quick money and the entertainment nature is almost non-existent. We’re here to change that.

And how do we exactly plan to accomplish this? We’re going back to the basics of Play-to-Earn:

(1) Build a game that’s actually genuinely fun to play, and one that you’d want to play even without the added crypto element.

Netmarble is a massive game developer and studio, producing AAA-level games. We’ve got the expertise and skills, and proved over and over again that we know how to make hit games. This plus the blockchain capabilities of CUBE will revolutionize the industry.

(2) Make the reward mechanism organically profitable based on PvP results

We’ve integrated GBC tokens to reward players from each battle. The reward mechanism is very transparent, so anyone can easily calculate how much they’d earn from their NFT investments.

At the end of the day, we’re trying to attract real gamers and provide a profitable solution to players that actually have fun playing the game. That’s the answer to longevity. Moreso Play-AND-Earn over Play-TO-Earn.

You can check out our whitepaper for further info! 👉

2. That sounds awesome. And we heard that Golden Bros is currently in Early Access! How can users start playing Golden Bros?

That’s right! Starting from April 28, Golden Bros is currently in Early Access! Golden Bros Early Access can be accessed via Google Play Store and APK for Android, Apple App Store for iOS, as well as on the CUBE launcher for PC. Golden Bros NFT Costume holders can transfer their NFTs to the game and start playing to earn eGBP!

Early Access is available in the Philippines and Brazil for now, and will be globally available with the Grand Launch. If you reside in the Philippines or Brazil, you can access the game now!

Download the Golden Bros now 👉

3. So then, what is the purpose of NFT Costumes on GB, and how can users Play-to-Earn with it?

To answer your question right off the bat, the purpose of NFT Costumes on Golden Bros is for users to Play-to-Earn! But there’s so much more to it than that.

Although Golden Bros is a Free-to-Play game, the Play-to-Earn element comes into scene with the equipping of NFT Costumes. And depending on the NFT costume, aka its costume grade, the return will vary, in terms of eGBP during Early Access and GBC upon Grand Launch, which is the in-game token of Golden Bros.

So during Early Access, users can earn eGBP, which can later be swapped for GBC once Grand Launch opens. The initial price of GBC at Grand Launch will be set at $1, and once the GBC/CUBE pair pool is created, the initial price will change according to the market and user needs.

You can read more about GBC here 👉

4. How much can users Earn with Golden Bros?

In order to avoid abusive activities of non-players and to regulate the internal economy of GBC, we have a limited set supply of our NFTs. What this means is that, similar to tokens, we have a set Total Supply & Initial Supply of our GB NFTs.

The return players make will mainly depend on 3 factors: Win/Loss Status, Costume Grade, and League Tier.

You can read more about GBC and NFT Costume here:

5. Very cool. So then, how can players purchase these NFT Costumes?

These limited NFTs have sold out in all of the presale rounds, and are now available on the CUBE Market. 👉

Moreover, the CUBE Store and Exchange will be coming soon, so be on the lookout for those updates as well!

A new Standard GB Mystery Box was also recently revealed! Starting today, (2022.05.12 12:00 UTC), new GB Mystery Boxes became available for purchase on CUBE Presale — GB Standard Mystery Box: N-Grade Edition. 👉

These new NFTs are now up for grabs on CUBE Presale Market at a significantly lower price of $49!

View these new boxes here 👉

6. And lastly, can you explain the different modes that Golden Bros offers?

Golden Bros features varying modes, all with their own perks and features and different rewards. For example, we introduced Survival Battle this past weekend.

In Survival Battle, you will be able to participate in a free-for-all battle, where participants battle it out, and WINNER TAKES ALL!! Each match will feature 10 players, and during gameplay, the battlefield will start filling up with Poison Gas after a certain period, progressively reducing the scope of the battleground.

Rewards for Survival Battle will be distributed to those ranking within the Top 3 ranks. These Bros who rank from 1st to 3rd will be considered as the Survival Battle winners, and will receive eGBPs as reward during Early Access. Moreover, Camp Medals will also be distributed as rewards to those that rank within the 7th place, which will allow users to open boxes in the lobby.

Moreover, there also are and will be Daily Mode, Story Event, Mission Event, Tier Reward Event, and more coming soon!

Read more about Survival Battle here 👉


Thank you for having us, and we hope everyone plays and enjoys Golden Bros! We’ve also got other amazing games in our lineup, so be sure to look forward to those as well! 👉

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Start your Play-to-Earn journey with Golden Bros now!



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