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Reorganization of LOM ecosystem with Prunebomb Soft

Within the short time since we have decided to re-release the game, we have committed a lot of thought for the newly reorganized Lime Odyssey M with ITAM (hereinafter LOM). Prunebomb and ITAM have finally reached an agreement that is best for the community. Towards a unified goal, we will work closely to reorganize the development and operation of the LOM ecosystem to suit the blockchain environment.

It required extensive discussion to reach such decision, and we feel great responsibility for this conclusion and proper execution of our promise. Thank you to the communities who supported LOM, ITAM and Prunebomb plan in structural adjustments of LOM. We hope we have reflected your opinions and suggestions beyond your expectations.

In reorganizing under the Prunebomb development system, it was our top priority to understand the current LOM situation. As a result, we have identified two key points in transforming existing LOM into a proper blockchain game.

First, previous LOM game was focused on single-play feature, and so was the programming structure. We have decided to reorganize game play to focus on competitive and social content which will naturally add play value to blockchain users.

Secondly, previous LOM game operated heavily based on in-app payments, not the token economy as we have intended. This means that, against our will, users could easily acquire game items with rubies from in-app purchases. We have decided to completely change the game system so that it pivots around the blockchain economy, bringing multiple advantages to the user side. The uses of NFT items and tokens will expand, and users can develop and mature with LOM blockchain as the game gains more popularity and engagement.

In addition to the two points mentioned above, Prunebomb and ITAM have made bold decisions to stimulate the token economy. In the early stage of release, we plan to operate without in-app payment. The diagram below shows the overall token economy and LOM structure including Ruby.

A detailed explanation for the diagram above follows. We’d like to inform you in advance that the content is not completely fixed and may be adjusted in the future according to community demands.

[ Blockchain elements : Use of LOM, token burning and playing reward plan ]

  1. Acquire and build mercenaries
    Soul stones are no longer sold in in-game shop. Instead, you can meet mercenaries in the form of NFT! We plan to provide services to purchase mercenary NFT with LOM and freely trade at marketplace. Users can now earn LOM through the game play and use LOM and ITAM to build characters.
  2. Token Burning
    Along with the expansion of token usage, it is also important to adjust the token circulation in order to maintain a stable token economy. For this purpose, we plan to burn a certain amount of LOM token that users consumed in game contents. For example, burning more than 95%(include reward) of the LOM tokens consumed to get mercenaries. In addition, LOM used in any other contents will also be burned at an adequate percentage.
  3. Playing Reward
    Our another main goal is to vitalize the game community with competitive elements among users. We plan to prepare content that can be rewarded through competition, such as red dungeons and battles. In LOM tokenomics, 25% is allocated as in-game rewards. In addition, after burning about 95%(include reward) of the LOM tokens consumed to acquire mercenaries, some of the remaining amount will be returned to users as a playing reward. Also we are actively discussing so that users can obtain various rewards through game play, such as rewarding a certain amount of ITAM used to purchase rubies.

Community support is a huge boost in implementing the changes above. Prunebomb and ITAM will always put community first in delivering user satisfaction by grafting blockchain onto LOM. Our new LOM ecosystem will set a new standard for blockchain games, and will only mature and progress with the users.

Thank you.




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