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Scheduled update on Blessed Orb!

Dear Community,

As LOM with ITAM is making fast updates to expand GameFi ecosystem, we would like to release another feature that will put ITAM token to good use for LOM: Blessed Orb

Blessed Orb has incredible value, which is to increase item & NFT drop rates. By equipping it before entering a dungeon, players will gain following additional benefits:

  • Number of items dropped will increase by x2
  • NFT drop rate will increase by x10

By harnessing more items & NFTs, players will gain an advantage to progress faster in the game with powerful weapons and enhancements. At the same time, blessed orb will help make the most out of limited number of dungeon tokens each player owns.

On this new feature of Blessed Orb, we would like to ask our ITAM holders for their opinions. We will be holding a governance vote on whether to make a farming pool where you will be staking ITAM tokens to earn Blessed Orb. This will increase ITAM token’s role as utility token in LOM world.

Governance vote will take place tomorrow!

Thank you.



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