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The 1st CUBE token AIRDROP Event & Pair Pool Open

Hello Cubers!

Golden Bros has just launched globally for the entire population to enjoy.
We are more than happy to present you the updated version and an amazing future ahead of us.

We cannot thank enough our Early Access users for helping us refine the game and update our tokenomics. This is why we have decided to hold the very first CUBE token AIRDROP event!

Total of 300,000 CUBE token for AIRDROP 🥳

Never in the history of CUBE have we held an airdrop event, but we have heartfelt urge to reward our fellow bros. Please read below to see if you are eligible to receive the reward.

(1) First make sure you have CUBE wallet synced to your game account.
You will not be able to receive the reward if you have other public wallets synced.

*CUBE wallet can only be synced through our CUBE PC Launcher

*Download CUBE Launcher here:

(2) Secondly make sure you own at least 50 Red Gadget in your game account. We will be taking a snapshot of every game account and distribute a specific amount of CUBE token per 50 Red Gadgets.


  • 7/29 11:59 UTC Snapshot
  • 8/1 11:59 UTC Airdrop

*The exact number of CUBE token to be airdropped per 50 Red Gadget will be announced at the time of Snapshot.

*If you would like to take part in the event, please hold onto your Red Gadget until the snapshot time.

Also, to provide a clearer idea of how many CUBE tokens you can expect to receive, we are sharing our most current data extraction.

Data (2022/07/27 10:00 UTC)

  • Total number of Red Gadgets mined
    : 383,786 Red Gadgets
  • Total number of users with at least 50 Red Gadgets
    : 1,825 User
  • Total number of Red Gadgets mined by users with at least 50 Red Gadgets
    : 327,724 Red Gadgets

Thank you all for helping us build Golden Bros and waiting for the Grand Launch!

Also, don’t forget the CUBE/GBC Pair Pool that recently launched.

Earn a total of 200,000 GBC for a month by providing liquidity to GBC<>CUBE Pair Pool 👐

Go provide liquidity to pair pool here:

We hope to provide as much chance as possible to expand utility and return of your hard acquired GBC token. This is only the beginning of our organic economy among game tokens and CUBE token. Please keep an eye on for more news and events to come!

Thank you for joining us on this venture.



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