The Fanciest masterpiece in all time history.

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3 min readOct 5, 2022

Hello everyone, this is METAVERSE World.

This October is going to be the most exciting month of the year. Every member of METAVERSE World has their hands full preparing the mainnet launch. Every work has been completed through hundreds of strict tests, and every schedule is being managed smoothly to meet the due date.

Today, we are revealing our dream we are trying to reach through the mainnet and the name of the fanciest mainnet of all blockchain history.

Blockchain Coming Down to Everyday Life

Our dream is to realize ‘Blockchain in Everyday Life’

We kept our eyes on building an ecosystem where everyone, even those who know little to nothing about blockchain, can easily come and go as they wish.

For this to be achieved, we made a service where anyone can enjoy it freely by minimizing the in-flow funnel to the level where non-blockchain-friendly users do not sense the huddle of the technology.

Additionally, having our own chain will lead to a single platform where users come and seamlessly enjoy all forms of the entertainment such as games, web-toons, web-novels, and so on with a single token.

We opened the door of blockchain wide for everyone through the mainnet development by improving the inconveniences of current Dapps.

There were our efforts behind the breaking entry barrier of blockchain services and the developing self-sustainable ecosystem. Let us elaborate our efforts.

Oh! Yet we haven’t mentioned the name of our mainnet.

The most “Fancy”-ful mainnet of all blockchain history, introducing FNCY.

Rich and Flexible Ecosystem on FNCY

A self-sustainable ecosystem that is not easily shakable by external factors will soon be shown to the world. A self-sustainable ecosystem is where various forms of entertainment are accessible within a single platform and every entertainment makes synergy out of their own uniqueness.

In order for us to build this kind of ecosystem, we went through all kinds of side chains but we found problems that it’s difficult to customize every on-boarding service with traditional mainnet architecture and it weakens compatibility between the services.

To solve the problems, we focused on ‘Flexibility’

We based the frame of the FNCY mainnet architecture on the BNB Sidechain which provides expandible infrastructure through flexible and comfortable sidechain solutions. And we also made the interaction between the onboard businesses’ services possible by choosing Semita Blockchain Service by NodeReal which is the best technology and solution provider.

With this, the ecosystem where every business and services can be onboard without the technology limitation including games, web-toons and media in FNCY has been built. Also the smooth value exchange between external chains will make our ecosystem abundant in the future.

Starting from this, we are no longer a project unit service.
We will become a true Web3 Entertainment.

For the Next Step

We were able to build this flexible and abundant ecosystem with the great cooperation of the globally-recognized NodeReal team.

In the next post, we will talk about the future of the FNCY mainnet with an interview of NodeReal’s CEO.

Thank you!