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The King and Queen of Blockchain

Written by Damian Byeon, CCO of ITAM Games

In the early years of the Internet industry, Bill Gate predicted that many contents (games, video, music) would be the “King of the Internet” and will dominate the industry. And what Gates predicted came out to be true; music and movie contents have expanded their markets through the Internet.

Nowadays, people are consuming enormous amounts of content. Many content companies have benefited from the early mobile industry era with Gates’ advice based on the early Internet era. Companies such as “King (Candy Crush),” “Super Cell (Clash of Clans)” are a couple examples.

But as the Internet market expanded, Jonah Pretti from Buzzfeed came up with a new quote for the Internet industry. He stated, “Content is king, but distribution is queen … and she wears the pants.” And Jonah was also right. Currently, the Internet is flooded with content, and users have a hard time choosing which content they would like to consume.

Yes, content is the king. But mobile stores like the Google Play Store have become dominant platforms where all the good contents are distributed.

We believe service platforms will rule the blockchain space, just like how Netflix and YouTube did on the Internet and mobile industries. Throughout the years, the blockchain industry has been focused on developing public blockchain protocols, which is sort of like a traditional OS(IOS, ANDROID). We believe that developing for blockchain protocols has reached a level where actual services can be launched on the blockchain, and it’s now the time to be making DAPPs. OS and content is crucial for business, but in the end they’re bounded by platforms, such as Amazon, Youtube, Netflix, etc.

We have built the ITAM STORE to become the queen of the blockchain industry . The reason we specifically chose to become a blockchain “game” platform is because it was games that essentially boosted both the Internet and mobile industries in their early stages. Games were what brought mass amount of users to the industry, and we believe the ITAM STORE will do the same for the blockchain industry.

“Still, content is the king”

Many platforms have dominated the market with their services, and many of these platform businesses now know that the foundation of their business is rooted in good content. Currently, many good platforms are creating their own original content. Netflix has its original series, and Nintendo has Mario and Zelda, which have become the cornerstones for them. Thus, this means that the contents still play a crucial role for the business.

ITAM GAMES is developing an in-house game called “BlueDawn” to have an advantage as a platform. Through original contents, we will be expanding the ITAM STORE ecosystem. Just like how the games are designed differently on mobile industries, “BlueDawn” is planned to become an exemplar of a great blockchain game with its own unique game economy system.

As a platform service, ITAM GAMES has to gain more users on the platform so that more good contents have reasons to on-board the platform. And getting more good contents on the platform is also in relation to getting more users to on-board the platform as well. It might seem like a chicken-and-egg scenario, where we don’t know which comes first. But what it essentially means is that both users and contents are crucial elements for a platform’s success.

ITAM GAMES knows how significant both the users and contents are for the platform. And that is why we are going to use our funds from our token sales for marketing our platform, so that new users will enter the blockchain gaming space and purchase games with minimum guarantee, and to provide good contents to the users.

The link below is our statistic for our service without paid Ads.

Currently, we are running Facebook and YouTube Ads for the ITAM STORE. On average, Ads in the US have a 10% app download turnout rate; the ITAM Store Ad has 58% turnout rate, which is fairly high. If we can provide good games on our platform, we believe that we will have great advantages as the first blockchain gaming market.

Our first MO RPG ‘DARK TOWN’ is ready for launch, and we have 50+ traditional mobile games to be launched within this year. We will be providing a developer console for our Store so that anyone can register their games on the ITAM STORE.

As a frontier for the blockchain space, ITAM GAMES will work hard to become both the King & Queen of blockchain.

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