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Token Rebranding & Swap

ITAM will be rebranded as ITAM CUBE

With this renewal, we will actively join the connected world of entertainment from gaming to metaverse. The core value that will encompass our entire business is: ⚔️PLAY-with-EARN (PWE)⚔️

Why are we doing a rebranding?

— Harmonious playing & earning —

Based on our experience in servicing cryptogame in 2021, we have noticed not only the potential of the earning model for games, but also clear limitations. We have identified the main issue lying beneath the term Play-to-Earn, which entails the risk of undermining playing activity merely as a mean to yield financial reward.

Now, we aim to restore the value of actual gaming experience along WITH the earning experience. By doing so, ITAM CUBE will interlock the best of both traditional and crypto gaming.

— Business expansion to new horizons —

At the same time, we will be expanding to new business verticals such as entertainment, metaverse, and social media that pivot around games. Blockchain ecosystem is relentless and we find 2022 as the most appropriate time for ITAM CUBE team to position ourselves at the frontier. We envision the cryptogaming as the core engine in realizing a gamified virtual world where all forms of entertainment are seamlessly serviced in one space.

With this said, here are our brand new principles for ITAM CUBE:

🎯 Innovate the gaming industry as a whole, beyond blockchain adoption

🎯 Make pure entertainment of gaming as valuable as earning

🎯 Create sustainable revenue for both game studios and players

🎯 Expand and interconnect the scope of gaming to new business verticals

What is the new ITAM CUBE token?*hd7AHrPemFCL3O6Jjl_76Q.png

ITAM CUBE token is both ERC-20 & BEP-20 token, all minted at once. Please note that most supply will remain as BEP-20 token and all ITAM CUBE services will happen on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Identical to ITAM token, ITAM CUBE token has 18 decimals and initial circulation supply of 600,000,000.*uvhwr_vFWfN4HZS-5rrIBg.png
Compare token distribution btw ITAM and ITAM CUBE
Compare each supply amounts

How many ITAM CUBE tokens will I receive?

Token swap amount will be released directly to the market at TGE of ITAM CUBE token. This amount is dedicated for original ITAM holders who will be receiving the new ITAM CUBE token in 1:1 fashion. Currently, there are 600M ITAM tokens circulating in the market and only 600M ITAM CUBE token will be accordingly released to the market for token swap. After the swap, all ITAM services will be based on ITAM CUBE token.

The initial circulation supply will REMAIN EQUAL. The remaining supply will be locked away privately and will NEVER be released to the market directly.

The allocated amount for token swap was the most important consideration in our rebranding initiative since it has been our first priority to ensure a fair swapping process that would benefit all token holders equally. The distribution of ITAM CUBE token will be based on the percentage allocation you currently own of ITAM token and the new initial supply. Your current weighting in the market will remain the same.


If you currently own 1% of ITAM circulation supply, you will receive 1% of the new ITAM CUBE token allocated to ITAM holders.


1 ITAM CUBE token = 1 ITAM token

When and how do I swap my ITAM token to ITAM CUBE token?

Token swap schedule

ITAM Bridge service will close at 21:00 (GMT+9), Jan 6, 2022

  • Before token swap takes place, any user who has not yet claimed ITAM token will successively receive ITAM token as a payback from BSC.

Token swap will begin at 18:00 (GMT+9), Jan 7, 2022

  • We will post a reminder on Twitter an hour before the swap begins

Step-by-Step manual

Please follow the link below for step-by-step manual for swapping tokens:

We are excited to have you with us through this transition to 2022 ITAM CUBE! If you would like to learn more about ITAM CUBE, please follow the link below to check out our new Whitepaper:

If you have further inquiries, please let us know. We are all ears💡

Thank you and Happy New Years,




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